11 Great Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers

Eleven Great Pinterest Boards for Bloggers

I’m such a huge fan of Pinterest. I’ve been using it for years, but when I rebranded and launched The White Corner Creative in April, I really started investing a lot of time and effort into my blog’s Pinterest presence. Today, the biggest source of traffic for my blog is Pinterest, not only because I’ve found followers on my own, but because I’ve joined a number of group boards that I pin to regularly.

Let’s say you have 500 followers on Pinterest. That means that when you Pin something from your own website, 500 people are going to see it. This is likely not true, because Pinterest probably only shows your pin to a portion of your followers, but even if your Pin was shown to every single one of your followers, that’s still a max of 500 people who are going to see it. Then maybe a few of them repin it, and then their followers see it too.

Eleven Great Pinterest Boards for Bloggers

But, what if you had a way to amplify your reach without having to go out begging for followers or spending hours trying to interact with others? That’s where Pinterest Group Boards come in. Group boards are boards run by people that have opened them up so that others can also pin to them. You just need to be added to the board by the owner or administrator, and then you can pin to it just like you do any other board. The major difference is that these boards usually have a huge number of followers. People are happy to follow these boards because the idea of seeing high quality pins from a variety of different people is very appealing, and just like you don’t want to search for followers, they don’t want to search for boards to follow – so following one created by lots of people is great.

In a nutshell – this means that you should be pinning to as many Pinterest Group Boards as you can. The most important element of a board is how many followers they have. Of course, you want to search for boards with lots of followers, but you also want to find boards that are relevant to your topic. Pinning to a recipe board if you’re a design blogger doesn’t make much sense, but luckily there are tonnes of group boards out there just waiting for you to apply. Normally group boards will have instructions in their description on how to start pinning to them, and the process is as easy as following the board and the admin and then commenting that you’d like to be added.

My niche is blogging, design, and entrepreneurship, so I love finding boards in this area to pin to, and they have expanded my reach by unbelievable amounts. Here are some of my favourite Pinterest Group boards, ranked by how many followers they have.

Awesome Bloggers

18,800 Followers – A collaborative board of bloggers sharing their original content.

Blogging Boost Official Board

16,100 Followers – Blogging 101 to advanced tips.

How to Blog

15,000 Followers – A collaborative board offering posts from awesome bloggers who can help teach YOU how to have a great blog.

Wonderlass Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

13,700 Followers – High quality pins that are related to growing your blog + business

Blogging is our Jam

6,600 Followers – All things blogging, from tutorials to design tips to everything in between!

Creative Designers

5,000 Followers – All about Graphic, Logo, Brand, and Web Design.

Blogging Tips from Bloggers

4,200 Followers – Bloggers sharing their best blogging tips.

Turbo Blogging & Business Group Board

3,800 Followers – The very best tips and tutorials about blogging & online business.

Lady Boss Entrepreneurs Collab Board

3,200 Followers – Pins about biz & creative entrepreneurship.

Downloadable Creative Resources

3,200 Followers – Freebies & resources for designers & creatives.

One thing to remember when pinning to group boards is that you can’t just spam every board you pin to with the same pin the day the post is published. You need to break it up over time so that people’s feeds don’t get clogged with your pins. Think about if there was someone following every single board you pin to – you don’t want them to see 20 of your pin all in a row, you want to remind them of your post over time.

If you’re looking for even more group boards, there are services like Pin Groupie that list lots of boards and make it possible to search by niche and topic, and there are Facebook groups like Pinterest Collaborative Boards that make it really easy for people to find boards to pin to.

What Group Pinterest Boards do you love to pin to?
Comment below and I’ll add them to the list!

35 thoughts on “11 Great Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers”

      1. Hey Melissa,

        That would be wonderful if you could invite me. This is the message I keep getting when I click on either of your links:

        This content is currently unavailable

        The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

        Thanks so much for the help! My email address is jessicacoppom at gmail dot com.

          1. ARG! I still get the same error when I click your invite. (And this isn’t just related to you. I’ve seen other posts about this group and tried to join by just accessing the FB group and I get the same error.) Do you know if maybe the group is not accepting new members? I’m working so hard on my Pinterest strategy, but really struggling with the group board aspect. I wanna make this silly thing work! :)

          2. That’s so strange! I don’t see any reason why there would be a problem and as far as I know they are accepting new members. I’ll message the Admin with your email and see if she can help!

          3. Nope, that’s a different one unfortunately! I spoke to the Admin and they said they can’t see any problem why you would have trouble getting in. What’s your Facebook profile name? I will send it to them and see if they can find you and invite you.

  1. Thanks so much for listing my board on your list! We’re now over 2000 followers with 70+ bloggers taking part, and growing all the time!

    1. No problem! I love all of these boards and try to pin to them on a consistent basis – a tonne of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi, great post! How do you become apart of the blogging boards? Do you have to be invited into them?

    Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Brittany! Yes, someone has to invite you to pin to the board. Look on the description of the board and see if they have instructions on how to ask to be invited, and if you don’t see any try just leaving a comment and asking to be added! Some are exxclusive but I think most will add you in!

  3. Thanks for sharing this list.

    A couple of these boards has grown way much more than the numbers here. Already applied to a few of them. Nonetheless if you run any group related to blogging. I’d like to join.

    My email is: babshaybell at gmail dot com

    Thanks Mel.

    1. Yep, it’s great to stay updated but these one’s are growing so often it’s impossible to keep up! I don’t run any as of right now but I’ll let you know if I start any! Thanks for reading!

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