11 Tech Products Every Entrepreneur Needs

11 Tech Products Every Entrepreneur Needs

I hate to be one of those people who relies so heavily on technology and wouldn’t be able to live without it, but when you’re a blogger and entrepreneur (and designer!) there’s really no way around it. I love my tech products. They are vital to the success of my business and my daily life. But, because I’m a designer as well, it means that not only do my tech products need to be useful and always available, but they also need to look good. I’m such a sucker for a gorgeous design and a beautiful product package, I spend far too long lusting over gorgeous products. Here are some of my favourites – to take your most vital tech products and make them look beautiful. While I have some of these already, some of them are still on the wishlist! Cough Christmas Cough.

11 Tech Products Every Entrepreneur Needs

1. USB Flash Drive – I’ve been looking for a gorgeous flash drive for a while now, and when I came across these ones I knew I had to have one! I love the peach best I think.

2. Wacom Drawing Tablet – I’ve been a designer for a while now, but when I got a drawing tablet it changed everything. To be honest I never even knew it was a thing, but once I discovered its existence I knew I had to have one. Now drawing onscreen is so much easier. I don’t know how I ever survived before.

3. Phone case – I saw this phone case a few months ago online and immediately fell in love with it. The only problem was that I had just upgraded to an iPhone 6 and the case was only available for the 4 and 5. Long story short, I spotted it on a third party paper store in the states for in iPhone 6, but shipping to Canada was $50, so I ended up having to order it, send it to my dad’s friend in the states, who brought it to us on his next trip to Canada. It ended up costing me just over $30 and I’ve been using it ever since. Every time I drop it a little piece of me dies inside, but it’s been holding up pretty well! Oh, and of course now it’s available for the iPhone 6 directly from Rifle Paper Co. so you can order it easily!

4. Laptop Skin – I ordered this laptop skin from Society 6 when I got my new Macbook in May. They sent me the wrong size which was for a bigger laptop, but I was able to cut it down to fit mine and I got my money back for the mistake, so double whammy! I get compliments about the marble look everywhere I go and I really love it.

5. Charging Cord – I ordered this a few months ago off Ebay because I was tired of having to stay so close to the outlet when charging my phone. I was half expecting it not to work or to catch fire because of how cheap it was, but it actually works wonderfully and the rope design is super cute too. I love all the colours but I ended up getting just white because it goes with everything in my room.

6. Apple TV – My parents bought me an Apple Tv for Graudation last year and I love it. I can mirror my phone and my computer to it so it’s a super handy second screen. I can also watch Netflix and other videos directly on there, so it’s made lying in my bed for hours at a time a regular part of my schedule. And Apple TV’s aren’t even too expensive – I think they sit just under $100, and they are such an amazing tool to have.

7. Camera Strap – I’ve had a patterned colourful camera strap for a while now, but I’m kind of tired of it now and I’m looking for something a little more flexible and mature. This one is gorgeous (I love leather and I LOVE teal). My camera was a little more vital to my business when I was a craft blogger, but I still love it and try to use it as much as possible.

8. Battery – When you’re a blogger or entrepreneur you know how vital it is to stay up to date and connected on the go. This means that you can never let your phone die when you’re out. A backup battery is an excellent way to avoid ever being out of touch, especially when it’s as cute as this one. I personally have a way uglier little pink one but these ones from Anthropologie have always been on my wish list.

9. Speakers – I love listening to music, especially when I’m working during the day. Working from home and being your own boss means you can play your music as loud as you want while making money! Right now I only have my computer or phone to play it off of, but I really would love to have some speakers for some great sound quality, and these ones are so gorgeous, right?! I love them – definitely adding them to my wish list!

10. Watch – I have been lusting after this watch for far too long now and it’s definitely on my wishlist. Something about a gorgeous watch like this would make me feel just so much more professional, especially since most of my work is done at home in my comfy clothes. (leggings?) The only issue I can see is it getting in the way when I’m typing, but beauty is pain! I want it so badly, and I love that it comes with two strap options. Wish list!!

11. Headphones – Right now I just use the standard apple headphones which are great because they are so minimalistic, but just look at how gorgeous these ones are! I can’t resist. Plus I imagine that the sound quality would be so amazing on them, especially on the loud bumpy transit system around Toronto!

What are your favourite tech products?
How do they help your blog or biz?

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8 thoughts on “11 Tech Products Every Entrepreneur Needs”

    1. Thanks Sahra! That’s so true. I’d love some gorgeous headphones but I don’t know that I can sacrifice the mic on my apple ones! The watch is what I’m lusting over right now – I keep going back and forth between wanting to splurge on it and remembering I don’t really need it.

    1. Thanks Carmia! I’ve had the iPhone case for a few months now and I’m still so in love with it. Every time I drop my phone I worry more about the case cracking than the $800 phone haha. And yes you NEED a Wacom tablet – it’s honestly changed my design life so much – and they aren’t too pricey either.

  1. I can sacrifice the mic on my apple ones! The watch is what I’m lusting over right now – I keep going back and forth between wanting to splurge on it and remembering

    1. I ended up getting a gorgeous watch from Rosefield because it’s a little cheaper but still nice, and I love it! Such a great investment.

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