20 Fall Blogging Prompts to Stay Relevant This Season

Twenty Fall Blogging Prompts to Stay Relevant This Season

Staying up to date on current search trends and terms is a great way to improve SEO on your site and keep your blog relevant. Though writing content geared towards daily search terms isn’t easy, it is simple to write blog posts to go with the seasons and time of year. That means writing posts about Christmas in December, posts about summer in June, and posts about Fall in September and October. Think about how many people will be googling Fall related things right now, and how great it would be if you could attract some of that traffic to your site. Though you don’t want to veer too far away from your normal niche, there are always ways to work the seasons into your content in a relevant way. Here are some fall blogging prompts to get you on track with the seasons.

Twenty Fall Blogging Prompts to Stay Relevant This Season

1. Write about your favourite part of fall.
2. Share the scary movies you like to watch every halloween.
3. Create a fall printable to share with your readers.
4. Share a recipe for your favourite way to eat sweet potatoes.
5. Share 5 places to go hiking and see the changing leaves in your area.
6. Write about different ways to use leftover turkey.
7. Write about the first halloween you can remember and what you dressed up as.
8. Share what you’re being for halloween and how you made/found your costume.
9. Write out a list of halloween costume ideas from recent movies.
10. Create a fall wallpaper for your readers.
11. Share some thanksgiving table setting ideas and inspiration.
12. Create a fall moodboard.
13. Share your favourite fall outfit with your readers.
14. Share a DIY tutorial for a piece of fall decor.
15. Share a tutorial about 5 different ways to tie a scarf.
16. Write a tutorial on how to paint your nails a new way for fall.
17. Show your readers 5 different ways to decorate pumpkins.
18. Share a recipe for your favourite warm fall drink.
19. Create a fall playlist and share it with your readers.
20. Write about ten ways to stay warm in the cold weather.

If none of these blogging prompts spark inspiration just think about your niche and how it relates to the season. There are bound to be at least a few ways you can tie the two together. Whether you write a cooking blog or a business page, the season will always relates somehow. Tying your blog together with something that people will be looking for online and searching for a lot during this time of year will be the best thing you can do for SEO and your traffic.

How do you keep your blog relevant with the changing seasons?

7 thoughts on “20 Fall Blogging Prompts to Stay Relevant This Season”

    1. Thanks Liz, Fall is my favourite season as well. Though it’s kind of rainy and dreary where I live today, I still love everything about fall. Thanks for reading!

    1. That’s great Angie! This is my first seasonal post, but it’s definitely something I’m going to start doing every time there is a holiday or season to focus some posts around! Thanks for reading.

  1. Love, love the idea of a fall mood board. I’ll totally be doing that. And I have a few seasonal DIYs I want to include for each Oct. Nov. and Dec. A fall printable would be fun too. I wonder what I could do…Will have to think on it, but great advice Melissa!

    1. Thanks Emily! Sounds like you’ve got some great content in the works – can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’m working on a fall mood board myself but will keep brainstorming for other fall posts in the meantime! Thanks for reading! :)

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