20 Winter Blogging Prompts to Stay With the Season

Twenty Winter Blogging Prompts to Help You Stay Relevant This Season

You don’t want to base your entire blogging strategy around the seasons, but having some posts that keep you relevant is great. Think about what people are searching for these days. They’re looking for ideas for Christmas dinner, gift ideas for their family and friends, inspirational posts about home decor, and everything else Christmas related. You don’t want to bog your blog down with Christmas material over the holidays, you need to remind your readers you’re regular content still exists, but having some holiday posts now and then will make your posts relatable and relevant.

Twenty Winter Blogging Prompts to Help You Stay Relevant This Season

Here are twenty blogging prompts to get you thinking about winter and the christmas season.

  1. Write about your favourite part of winter.
  2. Share the christmas movies you like to watch every season (I love Love Actually!)
  3. Create a winter printable to share with your readers.
  4. Share a recipe for your favourite way to eat Christmas leftovers.
  5. Share 5 different activities you can do in the snow.
  6. Write a list of your favourite parts of winter.
  7. Write about the first Christmas you can remember and what you got from Santa.
  8. Share some Christmas gift tag printables.
  9. Write out a list ten gifts for people in your niche.
  10. Create a winter or christmas wallpaper for your readers.
  11. Share some Christmas wrapping ideas.
  12. Create a winter moodboard.
  13. Share your favourite winter outfits and way to bundle up this season.
  14. Share a DIY tutorial for a piece of winter decor.
  15. Share a tutorial about 5 different ways to tie a scarf.
  16. Write a tutorial on how to paint your nails a new way for winter.
  17. Share some pictures of your Christmas decor.
  18. Share a recipe for your favourite warm winter drink.
  19. Create a playlist of Christmas covers and share it with your readers.
  20. Write about ten ways to stay warm in the cold weather.

How do you stay relevant over the holidays?

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