My 2015 Blogging Review & Goals for 2016

My 2015 Year End Blogging Review

Though many of these goals still apply, you can find a more up to date post here – My 2016 Blogging Review & Goals for 2017.

2015 has been an incredibly exiting year for me and The White Corner Creative, and though I hate to dwell on the past, it’s always good to look backwards and make note of how much you’ve grown. I believe that every blogger should take a break during the holidays, and use that time to look back upon the year they’ve had. Make note of everything you’ve done well and take the time to celebrate your successes. Then look at the mistakes you’ve made or the goals you haven’t met and take time to think about how you can improve going forward. The end of the year is the perfect time to do this, and it’s always a really exciting time for me to take stock of what I’ve done and what I want to accomplish in future. Though I always like to do a blogging review and set goals at the end of this year, this is the first time I’ll be sharing it on the blog.

My 2015 Year End Blogging Review

Blogging Accomplishments

So, let’s look back at some exciting things that happened in 2015. Most importantly, I started The White Corner Creative – in April to be precise. I’ve been blogging for years, but 2015 was the year that I actually stumbled upon the niche I love, and decided to put my heart and soul into it. Now I’ve built a blog that I’m proud of, and a brand that I can stand behind. What else happened in 2015?

  • Well, first of all – I started The White Corner Creative. After years I found the niche that I love. Writing about blogging, entrepreneurship, and design is my passion and I wake up every day excited to share what I know and learn.
  • I’m happy that before I started my blog I took the time to get everything ready. I didn’t rush into things, but instead took the time to carefully layout the plan for my brand, blog, niche, and business.
  • I rebranded my design a few weeks ago – not the logo or name, just the colours. Though it wasn’t a huge change, I do love it a lot more, and I took the time to create a moodboard that I LOVE (which I didn’t do the first time around)
  • I discovered Hootsuite and love taking time to schedule my own content as well as curated content for my readers
  • I discovered Crowdfire and have been using it to grow my followings on Instagram and Twitter
  • I’ve established a blogging workflow that is really efficient and makes writing a post a quick and easy process
  • I love my feature images. I’m so proud of how cohesive and attractive they are, and I know they are recognizable across platforms
  • I started using Group Boards on Pinterest and really strategizing the way I pin, and it’s now my top source of traffic

Blogging Stats

Though I did transfer over my accounts from my old blog with some social networks, others I just started from scratch, so let’s just say I was starting from 0 on all counts. I’ve always been nervous about putting my stats out there to the public, but I feel like I learn a lot from others who are open about their blogging accomplishments, so for the first time this year I’m going to share my stats for 2015. I launched in April, so these are my stats since then.

Entrepreneur Accomplishments

  • I quit my part time job and started Freelancing full time in September
  • I also moved out on my own with two friends and I love love love my new workspace
  • I got my first clients that found me solely through my website
  • I’ve established a few sources of consistent business
  • I recently became a part of Simply Elaborate, a really amazing design agency based in Toronto, and am SO excited about working with them in 2016
  • I’ve established a system of invoices, contracts, and record keeping that I really enjoy using to stay organized
  • I created some gorgeous business cards that I am really proud to hand out – seriously it’s shameful I give them out at parties and stuff

Goals for 2016

I love writing down goals. It’s not only great to take stock of what I want to accomplish in 2016, but I feel like writing them down here in a public forum will hold me truly accountable for everything I want to get done. The only thing I love more than making lists is checking things off those lists.

  • I really want to start a Twitter Chat. They’re a great way to build community and I’d love to host one on a regular basis
  • Right now I have a decent number of subscribers for my newsletter, but I want to grow it more. I also want to improve the content there because right now it’s just weekly updates on the posts I’ve written
  • I feel like I’m doing well on Instagram and Twitter right now, and okay with Pinterest, but I find Facebook to be a really hard platform to harness. I think because it’s such a personal platform that people usually only open to their friends/family, it’s harder to break into
  • I want to find new ways to bring in some passive income, one I’ve been thinking a lot about is opening a theme shop for premade WordPress themes. I’ve created one already but I have to make a few more and figure out the best way to sell them
  • I also want to start doing blog reviews. Either $15 for an extensive, private review, or free if bloggers will let me write a post about it so others can learn as well
  • There are a few blogging and entrepreneurship tools I want to invest in. I’ve always been afraid to invest in things that aren’t ‘necessary’ but I really want to get a few tools that I feel could improve my workflow
  • Right now I work on my 13″ Macbook Pro, but I really want to get myself a bigger computer screen to make things easier and improve my web design abilities
  • I’d love to start earning money from my blog – beyond my web design clients
  • I need to work on SEO. I know it takes time but I still want to do all I can to improve it
  • I want to optimize my page load speed as I feel right now it’s not as great as it could be
  • I want to take time every day to learn something new. There is so much out there to learn and stay up to date on, I want to schedule learning into my daily schedule
  • I want to establish a daily routine. Right now I’m kind of in the honeymoon phase of freelancing where I just roll out of bed whenever and get some work done when I want, but I know I could be way more productive. I want to write down and stick to a routine that includes work, exercising, and learning.
  • I want to work on networking – in person. Right now I love being online and doing all I can to grow my blog and biz, but the thought of doing that in person really scares me – I want to move past that.

I’m so happy with how things have come along in 2015, and I’m even more excited for 2016. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities coming my way and I can’t wait to see all that 2016 has to hold for my blog and business. I love lists and checking things off, so I’m going to hold myself accountable and keep coming back to make sure I get things done this year! Here’s to 2016! Happy New Year!

What have you accomplished in 2015? And what goals are you excited to work towards in 2016?

14 thoughts on “My 2015 Blogging Review & Goals for 2016”

  1. I would love to start a Twitter chat as well. The chats I’ve joined on Twitter have made such a difference in the growth of my community. I’m also looking forward to starting coaching services in February and launching at least 3 (goal is 4 though) ecourses. I want this year to focus on quality content and building my community.

    1. Ahh that all sounds amazing Emily! I really want to launch some courses and information products as well, though that’s down the road! I can’t wait to see yours! And I totally agree – Twitter chats have been so great for me that I would really like to be able to share the love with others! Hopefully we can both get them going!

  2. I am still in 2015 mode. I even have a few more sponsored posts to write up! Actually, I have such a long list of items I want to accomplish in 2016, both big and small. A big one is to transfer everything over to WordPress (so I can finally show off your amazing new design) as well as updating all of my old posts. I finally realized that I have to hire out all of that busy work so I can keep going with my new content. A few small ones are to get a headshot chosen and make sure I have a good social media schedule in place. :)

    P.S. – $15 is DEFINITELY underpricing yourself with all of your knowledge and attention to detail.

    1. Those all sound great Diane! Such exciting things are happen in 2016 – I know you can accomplish it all. And yes, hiring it out would definitely save the time and headache so you can focus on more important things! And thank you! I’m not really sure how to price it since it’s something I’ve never done before, but I may reconsider it now! Thank you!

  3. One of my goals for 2016 is to put out at least one eProduct but I’m having such a hard time narrowing it down to one. I’m working on a rebrand as well and I’m having the hardest time staying patient and not posting it until its 100% ready. I should create a mood board for it!

    1. Ooh that all sounds really exciting! I want to put out an eProduct too – there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

      I definitely recommend creating a moodboard – it will do so much to help you narrow your vision and stay on brand. And it’s so tough being patient, but I promise waiting until you’ve got everything solidified and you’re happy with it will be worth it. If not, you may be looking back at your brand the week after you publish already wishing you’d done something differently. My recommendation – create everything, have it all complete and ready to go, and then walk about and let it sit for a few days. If you come back and you’re still happy with it – time to publish!

    1. Ahh thanks Emilie! I’m swamped right now but I’m going to be putting the reviews into action soon hopefully and I’d love to review your site! I’ll get in touch when I’m ready to move forward! :)

  4. My blog goals are very similar to yours.

    I’ve grown my web development blog from a side project to thousands of monthly readers.

    But I’m still working on building an active community around it.

    Working on social media is definitely a must, never thought about hosting a Twitter chat – something I’ll give a try in the coming weeks.
    Something that worked well for me is giving a reader spotlight on social media, highlighting questions, responses and projects my followers have been working on.

    Facebook is definitely a hard to get into, especially in the web niche. Even the big blogs struggle with numbers on FB.
    I find Twitter is much better suited :)

    Edit: Oops, just realized this was 2016, not 2017! Doh!

    1. Hey Ben! That’s okay – a lot of these same goals still apply, though you can read my updated post on goals for 2017 here –

      I love the idea of giving readers a spotlight. I’ve been trying to include quotes and opinions from readers and fellow entrepreneurs in my blog posts to build community but I have to work on doing it more!

      Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are definitely where the numbers are at for me! Thanks for reading!

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