4 Ways to DIY Your Logo Design

4 Ways to DIY Your Logo Design

4 Ways to DIY Your Logo DesignIf you’re new to business or blogging, or maybe you have an existing brand that you’re thinking of redesigning, your logo is important. In fact, many would argue that a logo is the most important visual aspect of a brand. While you have colours, icons, and design assets that all contribute to forming a visual identity, your logo is the face of your brand. It’s how people recognize you, how they will remember you, and a key part of finding success.

Unfortunately, hiring a professional designer to create a logo has a cost. And for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business, this cost is often a barrier. But, this doesn’t mean that you should put off creating a logo. This dilemma is a lot like the chicken and the egg. How can you get a logo professionally designed before you have any money, but you need that logo in place in order to find success and make money? It’s a round about issue that causes a lot of problems. Luckily, there is a way to get a logo for little to no cost, and that logo can help you find the success you need.

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Design Something from Scratch

If you have an eye for design and a vision for what you want your logo to look like, then designing a logo yourself from scratch might be a good option. There are programs like Adobe Creative Cloud available for a monthly cost, but there are also options like Canva that are free. If you do your research, design options, get opinions from others, and take your time, designing a logo yourself is completely possible.

Just remember this – there is a lot more that goes into designing a logo then choosing pretty colours and a font. Design firms spend hours, weeks, even months on a logo design, carefully considering everything from the shades, to the letter spacing, to the width of a single stroke.

If you do research, design carefully, and take your time, DIYing your logo is possible. Click To Tweet

Use Clipart

If you have a vision for your logo but don’t think you can create it on your own, clipart is a great option to consider. There are lots of existing designs out there that you can use to create a logo for yourself. You can find, combine, and edit icons or images you like and turn them into a logo that is unique to you. You could also find one icon you like, add text on it, and it will still be unique to you.

Just remember that you need to find a graphic that you like that will stand on its own. Most importantly, you need to check the permissions and copyright associated with the design you choose. Even on stock photo sites that offer editable graphics and images, sometimes those graphics have permission that do not allow use in logos. Whatever design you choose, make sure you look for the copyright information on it.

Design a Text Based Logo

If you think that you can’t design a logo graphic on your own, and can’t find clipart that you like, designing a text based logo is also a great option. Sometimes it’s the better option – logos don’t always need to contain a graphic. If you want to create a text based logo focus on choose strong, unique fonts and pairing them well together. And, don’t just type out the words and click save. Look at the letter, word, and line spacing to make the text work together in the best way.

Buy a Premade Logo

Last, but definitely not least, is purchasing a premade logo. Premade logos are a great option because they are professionally designed, but being premade means you get them at a great price. Premade logos often get a bad wrap because the only difference between them is the text. So if Sally bought the same logo as Lucy, their logos would look exactly the same other than the name change. Luckily, there are options.

My premade branding shop offers logos that are be customized to your text AND your colours. This means that you choose a colour scheme on your own, and then I customize the logo based on that, giving you a logo that is completely unique and professionally designed by me. Plus, you can choose to get a full brand, with icons, buttons, logo variations, fonts and colours all tailored to you.

If you’ve been waiting to design your logo or invest in one of the options above, the best time is now. Custom designs can run you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on where you get them, and waiting until you have the money to invest will have you waiting for a long time. When it comes to the chicken or the egg, buying a logo or waiting to make money, the truth is that neither comes first. You have to dive in and make a move. DIYing your logo is the best compromise – you can get a logo that will help you find success, without having to go broke to get it.

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