6 of My Favourite Free Handwritten Fonts

My Favourite Free Handwritten Fonts

I really believe typography can either make or break a design. A great font can carry an okay design to new levels, and an awful font can drag a great design to new depths. Fonts have so many characteristics, they’re almost human with what they can communicate to the viewer. Choosing a font is almost always the first thing I do in any design project. But, of course, there’s not always a huge typography budget, so needless to say, free is better. Thankfully you don’t always have to pay a lot for gorgeous fonts, there are a lot of great free options out there. You just have to remember to check the font license, and make sure the fonts you are using are free for commercial use as well, so you can use them on places like your website or blog. Here are 6 of my favourite free handwritten fonts.

My Favourite Free Handwritten Fonts

Luna / Daniel / Ali Air / Arty Signature / Gunny Rewritten / Kristi

8 thoughts on “6 of My Favourite Free Handwritten Fonts”

  1. Hi again Melissa! Thanks for sharing! I just saw your new brand board and I was wondering – would you sometimes include any handwriting on your website (lets say you choose one of them) when you didn’t include it in your brand board? How do you know how much /when you can ‘jump a little aside’ your brand board?

    Kind regards!

    1. Hey Susanne – I’m thrilled that you’ve read so many posts today and have so many questions! Thanks so much for reading.

      In my opinion, the fonts you include on your brand board are simply a starting point. They are the fonts that you build from every time you start a design – but don’t be afraid to vary and branch out from there. Your brand board can even include three different typefaces if you want – one body font, one header font, and one handwritten font.

      But if, like me, your brand board only has two fairly basic fonts, this means that you always have room to add more elaborate handwritten fonts on to make it more interesting. I’d say if you want a handwritten font to be a consistent part of your designs, add it on to the brand board as well. But, if you just have one design here and there that you feel needs some handwriting to make it pop, just choose one you like, that also matches well with your base fonts, and go from there!

      Don’t be afraid to sway from your brand board as you go. I’d say as a rule of thumb, keep your brand board open and in sight whenever you are designing something. Then when you’re finished with your design, look at it along side the brand board. Ask yourself, do these two visuals go together well? Will lit be clear to my client/reader that the are products of the same brand? If the answer is yes, you’re good to go!

  2. And hi again Melissa!

    Can I ask you how it works with the Google fonts? I am about to start blogging on Squarespace – do I need Google webfonts?

    1. Hey Susanne, I’m not entirely sure about Squarespace because I use WordPress. But typically with Google fonts you select the font you want to use, click ‘Add to Collection’ and then click ‘Use’.

      This will bring you to a page with some code on it. Click on ‘@import’ and then copy the code that it gives you and put it in your stylesheet. For open sans, the code is

      @import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans);

      Then whenever you come to a place you want to use open sans you simply use this CSS to give you that font.

      font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;

      You don’t need to use google fonts if you don’t want to. Alternatively you can download the fonts from any font site, add them to your design folder, and then use @font-face to call them in your stylesheet.

      Again though I’m not sure about Squarespace – I’m not even sure that you’re able to write your own stylesheets or access your own folders there. I found this article online that might help you out beyond what I know of Squarespace. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205816138-Using-Google-Fonts-with-Squarespace

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