8 Awesome Design Inspired Halloween Costumes

8 Awesome Design Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an amazing time of year for everyone, especially creatives, who make their halloween costumes rather than running to the nearest Halloween store and picking out one of the prepackaged ensembles. It’s the chance to show off their creativity, but mostly to have fun with another crafty project (that adults get to do less and less these days.) This year I was inspired by my newly full-time career path, and wanted to come up with some clever costume ideas for all the designers out there. This all started out with a time consuming design task and the awful rainbow wheel we all know too well, and I was inspired. If I didn’t already have my owl costume ready to go, I’d probably be going as a rainbow wheel this year – I just love the idea, and I’m thinking Pantone for next year? I love the clean lines and monochromatic colour scheme. Oh well, here are 8 great costume ideas for designers who still want to be designers on halloween.

8 Awesome Design Inspired Halloween Costumes


I love these costumes inspired by various Adobe programs. They are so clever yet so simple. All you have to do is dress in the corresponding colour (blue for photoshop, orange for illustrator and pink for indesign) and then print off some of the icons to tape to yourself. Or you could take it a step further and become a full on Adobe super hero – I love this costume and all its little details.
Adobe Creative Suite Costume Adobe Illustrator Costume


If you’re looking for a last minute costume and don’t feel like doing much towards it, you could go as CMYK or RGB with a few friends, or even just alone if you have the clothes for it. You just need one piece for each colour, and if you really want to you can tape out the letters with some masking tape. Easy as pie! Here are some actual tshirts – if you want to think ahead and order the costume, but it would be just as easy to make. And remember (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black or Red, Green, Blue).
CMYK Costume


I have been a fan of pantone colour swatches and how simple and pretty they are for a long time. I even think I might do this costume myself one year. All you need is a monochrome outfit, and a white rectangle at the bottom with the word Pantone on it, and you could even add the colour ID if you wanted to. I love this idea because you could make it work for any colour, plus it makes a really cute couple costume, don’t you think?
Pantone Costume

Two Dimensional

Okay, I’ll admit that this might be hard to replicated yourself if you’re not some sort of amazing artist or makeup master, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. I love the idea of taking the human face and turning it into a really colourful 2D object, since so many amazing designs come out of 2D thinking it today’s design community. So grab your paint and get going – this might take a while!
2D Costume Idea

Low Resolution/Pixelated

Here’s a scary costume for the bunch – low resolution. It’s every designer’s worst nightmare, and we know we’ve all been there – a client sends an image file to use in the project you’re working on and you open it to discover it’s not only the wrong format but tiny and low res. To be this scary costume all you need to do is paint yourself in squares and apply them to your clothes too. This makes you look like you’re out of focus, or being displayed in low resolution! I love it.
Low Res Costume

Rainbow Wheel

After thinking about being a rainbow wheel this year, I looked around on the interwebs for this costume, and realized that no one has really done it before. Well I’m sure someone has, but no one that takes pictures of it and blogs about it like we do, so they don’t exist. However, I did find this clever graphic of how to create the costume with a rainbow umbrella. You can even take it a step further with one of those grim reaper hook knife things, and becoming the Rainbow Wheel of death – because we all know in most cases the rainbow wheel does lead to eventual death.
Rainbow Wheel of Death Costume


I love the idea of going as an internet browser. Though it’s not as design-esque as some of these other costumes, it’s something designers still use on the day to day. It would make a great group costume, or just one on your own if you wanted to pick your favourite. Mine is firefox of course – definitely the cutest costume of the bunch.
Browsers Costume


Typography is a huge part of most design projects, and its halloween costume is no exception. Typography has been done in a few different ways, from the cardboard wearable creation to the body painted version. I love letters in whatever form they are, and I think this is a really excellent costume idea. Depending on what direction you decide to go in it might take a while, but definitely worth it if it turns out like either of these!
Typography Costume Typography Costume

Disclaimer: These images are beautiful aren’t they? But they are not my own. I have borrowed them from blogs and websites that inspire me, with the intention of building community through the sharing and linking of quality content. If you see your image here and would like it removed, simply contact me here.

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