8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic Right Now

Simple Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Building traffic and readership on your blog is the one thing that all bloggers are striving for. It’s simple – you create content and you want people to read it. However, actually getting that blog traffic isn’t so simple. There is no set formula for how to make a post go viral, and no guaranteed way to up your traffic by 500%. But, there are a few simple things that you can do right now that will help to boost your traffic immediately.

Simple Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Comment on Other Blogs

You need to get your link out there so that others see it, and so that Google sees it (linking is good for SEO). So comment on other blogs. The blogosphere is a community of really supportive people who are all looking for success, so share your content with them, and interact with their content. Of course, I’m not saying comment on every post you stumble upon, but when you read a post and find it interesting or helpful, let them know. This leaves a link for others to potentially follow, and makes your blog known to that blogger. This is especially helpful for a blog like mine (about blogging) since the audience I’m trying to attract is bloggers.
Right now: Go comment on 5 blogs. Find posts that you actually like and make a meaningful comment.

Share Your Content

Someone very wise (Jonathan Perelman) once said “Content is King, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.” You can write great content, but it’s never going to get you anywhere if you don’t send it out there for people to see. Share your content. Share it on every network you have, and then even the ones you don’t. You don’t want to smother your readers with every post, but put it out there so they can see it.
Right now: If you haven’t already – share your latest post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and any other networks you can think of.

Interact on Social Media

Not only should you put your content out there but you should interact with others. If someone comments on your social post, answer them. Then maybe even take a look at their blog page (if they have one) and comment on something they’ve left. The blogosphere is not a one way street, you have to interact with your readers and with other bloggers to get the same in return.
Right now: Comment on a few other posts on Facebook or Retweet a few posts on Twitter.

Interlink Between Posts

Once people are on your site reading a post, you want to give them a place to go next. If your readers have to think about or decide where to click after reading a post, they will likely leave since that is the easiest option. The best thing you can do is link to other posts on your site within your post. If you’re writing content that is all relevant, you should be able to find at least a few places that would be good to link to other posts. If you can’t find any good places to link, make some.
Right now: Go to your latest post and make sure it has at least two or three links to other posts on your site.

Pin Your Images

Pinterest is an amazing way to share content, especially if your posts have really great visuals. I try to give every post of mine a feature image that says the title and is interesting enough to be pin-worthy. You want to create great visuals AND you want to make it easy for people to pin them. People now expect to hover over an image and see a Pin It button appear on the image, and you shouldn’t disappoint. Add a hovering pin it button to your site so that people know exactly how to share your content.
Right now: If you haven’t already, install a hovering pin it button. Then go and pin at least one image from every post to at least one board.

Add Keywords and SEO Info

To get organic traffic to your site, you need to have great SEO so that your site shows up in search results. Installing a plugin like SEO by Yoast is an easy way to add SEO keywords and meta data to every post. You even get a rating to let you know whether your post has good SEO or not. Choose a keyword that people might actually search for, and hopefully it will drive traffic to your site.
Right now: Install SEO by Yoast and then make sure your latest 5 posts have a green rating.

Write Attention Grabbing Titles

Even once you have your content out there in front of people, there needs to be a title that grabs their attention or they will just scroll by. There is so much content out there on the internet, that your post needs to stand out and draw people in. There is a great list of blog post title templates from Twelve Skip to help you come up with some catchy titles.
Right now: Go back and make sure your latest 5 posts have titles that will catch attention. If your title change is drastic enough – share the post again with the new title.

Link in your Email Signature

Think about how many people you email on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis. If every one of those people visited your site it would be a great boost in traffic. You should already have a link to your site in your email signature, but consider adding a link to your latest post. This will entice people to click and read more, beyond just a simple link to your homepage. You can even tag the link with a url builder like Google’s so that you can tell exactly what traffic is coming from there.
Right now: Go build a custom url, and then add the link to your latest post to your email signature and watch in the next few days to see if there is any traffic from there.

Traffic is important, but remember you want to write great content to keep people there once they find you. So, create some great stuff, and then do everything you can to get it out in front of people who will care about it. Even if each one of these strategies only gets you one reader, that’s still 8, and you’ll be on your way to building higher traffic already!

What are some ways you use to boost your traffic?

25 thoughts on “8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic Right Now”

    1. You’re so right Victoria, that’s a huge one as well! I don’t join link ups or parties as much myself, so I didn’t even think to add them, but they are definitely a great way to spike traffic!

    1. Thanks Emma – it’s definitely a to do list I’m working towards completing for every one of my blog posts. I’m not there quite yet but I’m working on it as well!

    1. Thanks Anna. I’ve never thought of it either actually until a little while ago. My blog link is a part of my permanent signature but adding a link to your latest post is just one more way to step things up!

  1. Great stuff, Melissa.

    I’d add reaching to other bloggers / building relationship with them. Another tip would be doing experts roundup posts. I did one last year, and it ended up getting 500+ shares and featured on some high-authority sites.

    1. Thanks Dev! Reaching out to other bloggers is definitely a great way to build connections and grow traffic. I’d love to see the round up post! what’s the link?

    1. Thank you! It’s something I’m always working on as well. There a bunch of Facebook groups that are really great ways to meet people – try ‘Inspired Bloggers Network’ and ‘Blog it Forward’

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