9 Potential Name Suffixes for Your Creative Business

Potential Name Suffixes for your Business

Whether you’re just starting a blog, a business, or a simple website, choosing a name can be one of the most important things you will do. It says everything about your business. It conveys what you do, who you are, and what kind of business you are running. If you were looking for a creative agency to design your latest website, you wouldn’t be too intrigued by someone called “Herbert and Associates Incorporated” would you? Alternatively, if you were looking for a professional lawyer to win your case, it’s unlikely you would hire someone working under “Laughing Lawyers Company”. Choosing a name is everything, and even if you’re a creative business, you need your name to sound somewhat serious. It needs to say that you are relaxed and creative, but also serious and professional. All clients are looking for a true professional to work with, regardless of how creative they are.

So, once you pick a name, how do you add some more brevity – to let your client know you’re serious? Today, a common choice is to use name suffixes that represent a business. This started out with words like ‘Incorporated’ and ‘Limited’, which are actual business entities that companies use to legally define what kind of business they run. As time went on, others started adopting similar terms to mark themselves as a business. Then over more time, people started coming up with new words for ‘Company’ all together. Though these new terms aren’t legal business entities like Limited or Incorporated, they have become common ways of identifying a business.

I myself chose the name suffix ‘Creative’ to add to my ‘White Corner’. It is not used as an adjective in this sense, but a noun. Within ‘The White Corner Creative’ it is used like the word ‘Company’, to convey a sense of professionalism and unity. But rather than calling myself The White Corner Company, it conveys creativity and gives people a better idea of what I do.

Potential Name Suffixes for your Business

Today, people are coming up with new suffixes all the time, so you can pretty much use whatever you want. Here are some of the most commonly used company names, and some examples of companies already using them that I’ve come across in my web travels.


The White Corner Creative, Clementine Creative, How About Now Creative, Jess Creatives, Trunked Creative, Letterform Creative.

Company/ And Company

Elle and Company Design, Fast Company.


Gray Ghost Visuals, Smartup Visuals,


Nesha Designs, Blue Tail Designs, Dapper Fox Creative Design, Krishna Solanki Designs, Sincerely Amy Designs, Ruby and Sass Design.


Ibiza Digital Media, Soak Digital, Glacier Digital.


Sweet Fish Media, Choice Media


Oglala Design Studio, Soren Rose Studio, The TomKat Studio, Melina Isaacs Studio, O Totally Studio.


Fuse Communications, Elle Communications, Sane Communications


Ezra Productions

When choosing a business name, it’s not necessary to use one of these suffixes, but they’re a great way to categorize and professionalize yourself. But of course, the main body of the name is what you attach to the suffix. So many people out there are using different variations of these terms, it is the rest that makes you unique. So first, decide on what you want to call yourself, and then decide on a suffix. Go through the list and see which one sounds best and which one conveys what you want to say. They’re all very similar, but they each have a slightly different meaning. Make sure you’re in love with you’re name once you choose it, because hopefully you’ll be stuck with it for many years.

Have you used a suffix term in your business name?
Why did you choose it?

8 thoughts on “9 Potential Name Suffixes for Your Creative Business”

  1. Nice article Melissa! There are many other suffixes like Collections, Global, Group, etc. BTW, I’m having a hard time choosing one for my business. Options overload!

      1. Hi melissa. I’m thinking ME ‘Entertainment Ltd’ or ME ‘Enterprises Ltd’. I believe those two wouldn’t give ME headaches when I decide to diversify in the future. Thanks for your reply

  2. Nice one, yes there are many suffixes which can be used in business but it is very hard to choose the best one form all those. But i would like to prefer own name use in the business i have seen my names and business which runs in owenr’s name or any other lucky suffixes beachwoodstudio[dot]com

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