Beautiful Food Packaging Design That Will Make You Hungry

I don’t know about you, but when beautiful things catch my eye I always feel inclined to buy them, regardless of what they are. On one hand there’s clothing – beautiful patterns always catch my eye, though I’m usually not bold enough to wear them. On the other hand there’s beautiful packaging – regardless of what’s inside. I really believe that packaging can make or break a product – and companies that are able to achieve a beautiful packaging design should be applauded. Here is some beautiful food packaging that has caught my eye – in the grocery store or online. Sometimes I want to buy things – and not even open them, just keep them and look at them. I swear, someday soon I will finally try the Book Chicka Pop Popcorn.

And, if you’re looking for inspiration, just visit some of these sites. Usually if a company has taken the time to come up with a beautiful package design, it extends through their entire line and even onto their website. In fact, some of these sites are really amazing – I particularly like the sites of Boom Chicka Pop, Lesser Evil, G’nosh, and Love Beets. Check them out and enjoy!

Boom Chicka Pop/Burnt Sugar/Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl/Sweet Heaven Confectionary /Momo’s Meals/Go Macro/Ella’s Kitchen/G’nosh Gourmet/Nib Mor/Santo Habito/Slingshot Coffee Company/Love Beets

Beautiful Food Packaging that Will Make You Hungry

Do you ever find yourself walking through the store and stopping to pick something up without even knowing what it is? It happens to me all the time because beautifully packaged things catch my eye constantly. Sometimes I try to validate needing it and end up buying it, but most of the time I’m strong enough to just start at it a little while and then put it back on the shelf. What food packaging to you love the most?

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    1. Thanks Kristen! I agree – when something comes packaged nicely I always just assume that the product inside is higher quality – even when it’s not the case.

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