April Favourites & May Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Usually my tastes are very inexpensive. It’s not that I choose to want cheaper things, but I just have always been drawn to a good bargain. However, lately this has changed. Beautifully designed, pricier things have been catching my eye and I just can’t stop thinking about them. Maybe it’s all the time I’m spending working on and around beautiful design. I don’t know. So, since my birthday is coming up next month, I decided to put together a collection of all the things that are caught up in my mind right now. I’m really not expecting to get any of them as gifts since they’re all pretty pricey, but I just want to put it down so maybe I can stop dreaming about them. And when making pricier purchases like these, I like to mull them over for a while before buying. If I’m still thinking about them later, I know that I actually want it and it’s worth the purchase.

It started with a pair of rain boots from Hunter. The graphic colour block design is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve always wanted a pair of Hunters and when I saw this new spring design I thought it was the perfect excuse to finally take the plunge. But, of course, I did a little research before buying and found a lot, I mean A LOT, of people who are unsatisfied with the quality of Hunter boots these days. And though they offer a 1 year warranty, it’s only on manufacturer defects and not wear and tear. If I’m going to pay $245 for a pair of boots I want to be able to get a refund if they start leaking within the first few years – but Hunter doesn’t offer this sort of protection. So, needless to say I’ll be looking for a more reliable brand to invest in – while crying inside because I love this design so much.

I’ve long been in love with this painted globe – and maybe one day I’ll invest it one when I have a spot to put it. It’s gorgeous and I think it would be the perfect accent to any room. Who ever said that globes and maps have to be boring and ugly with all those lines and multicoloured countries and boring fonts? This one is gorgeous – and still relatively informative.

Comfort has always been really important to me – whenever I go out in high heels I always bring flats in my purse because I know there will be a point in the evening where I want to take them off. A while ago when browsing online I came across Tieks. It’s a pricey line of flats that are foldable so you can take them anywhere with you. I’d love to have a pair that I could carry around so easily and they’re also apparently incredibly comfortable. They have a really interesting design – every pair (regardless of colour) has a bright blue bottom. One day I’ll invest in a pair. I love all their colour options, but I think with the high price tag and the convenience of them, it would be best to invest in black – so you could wear it with everything.

I ran into this brand – The Horse – on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with the line of watches they offer. I’ve been searching for a great watch for a while now but didn’t want to invest until I had a good reason to and a great watch to invest in. Now I have the beautiful watch, and I just need a reason. Is it strange that I feel like I don’t want to buy a fancy watch until I have an actual professional life to wear it in? It’s totally valid in my mind. Anyways, I’m in love with their grey leather and rose gold watch, and imagine it sitting on my wrist all the time.

Birthday Wishes
For a while now I’ve been thinking about buying a new Macbook. I’m a die hard Apple fan and have had a 13″ Macbook pro since 2010. It still runs well, but it’s definitely not as quick as it used to be. I really want to invest in a new Macbook Pro with Retina display, and upgrade to 15″, but with the $2500 price tag I just can’t justify it when my current Macbook is still working well enough. I know one day soon it will probably die and I’ll have to make the purchase, especially as I work on my computer basically all day long, but then atleast I’ll be able to justify the purchase. And, when I do upgrade – I’ll be buying a new skin to protect and decorate my new baby. I’m in love love love with this one that looks like marble, and it’s actually priced really well.

The business card holder from Kate Spade is beautiful – and the fact that my initial comes on my favourite colour is just fate as I see it. I love it, and I definitely need a more professional way to carry my business cards (right now I have them in a bus pass sleeve from University). Not a great way to pull them out for distribution.

The mermaid pen is just another addition to the ever growing collection of Seven Year Pens that I have. They’re about $10 each, but they write so smoothly, and are so beautiful that they’re pretty much all I write with now. And is it strange that writing with one actually makes me feel more creative, and like I’m being more productive? The designer mind is a strange one.

Last, but not least, is this gorgeous floral phone case from Rifle Paper Company. Long story, not so short – I found it on their site, fell in love with it, and found out that it only came for iPhone 5 (I have a 6). Cried inside for a little while, then searched the interwebs and found out that a store in the US (Papersource) sells it for iPhone 6. Fell in love all over again, decided to buy it, and found out that shipping to Canada was $40. Cried inside all over again, then search the interwebs again and found one on sale on eBay (from just some person who had bought it and didn’t want it anymore). But shipping from there was still around $30. Cried inside for a third time, then told my dad about my struggle, and he told me he has a friend who ships stuff to the US and the drives down every once in a while to get it to save on shipping. So I made the purchase, entered his shipping address, and am now just awaiting its arrival. Now I’m crying inside again but they are tears of joy. I guess this one is my birthday gift to myself.

Handpainted Globe by Be Home/Matte Black Tieks by Gavrelli/Mint Floral iPhone 6 Case by Rifle Paper Co./Rose Gold and Grey Leather Watch from The Horse/Hunter Tall Rain Boots in Sky Blue Dazzle/Marble Macbook Skin from Uniqfind/Sterling Silver Chevron Earrings by Alejandra Giannoni/Kate Spade Business Card Holder/Mermaid Seven Year Pen by Seltzer Goods

One last thing that I’ve been thinking about the past few days. There is this gorgeous cupcake shop in downtown Burlington called Kelly’s. I’ve only seen it from the outside – and didn’t manage to get a picture, but they have a beautiful white wall with huge pink cursive writing on it advertising their cupcakes. It’s beautiful – and in stark contrast to a lot of the boring shops that sit along our main street. Better yet, they are a vegan cupcake shop – and having tried vegan cupcakes a few times before I can tell you they’re usually delicious. They’ve been there for a while but I’ve only just noticed because of their beautiful mural. They have some amazing sounding flavours like Chocolate Raspberry and Pumpkin Caramel Cream Cheese and I’m definitely going to make sure I stop by on my birthday!

Are there any products that are caught up in your mind right now? What’s on your wish list?

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    1. You’re welcome Kelly! I love your style and branding – so gorgeous! I was there last week actually but I’ll say hello next time I stop by!

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