The One Question to Ask Yourself When Considering a Redesign

The One Question to Ask Yourself When Considering a Redesign

Appearance and design are incredibly important parts of any website. Regardless of how good your content is, an unattractive design will chase your readers away, or at least make it really difficult for them to stay. So, if you’re not getting the results you want from your website, maybe it’s time to consider a redesign. Maybe you’re already considering one.

But, how do you know when it’s time to finally take the plunge and redesign? Earlier this year I not only redesigned, but relaunched an entirely new site. It was a tough decision but I’m so glad I did it. There are lots of reasons I could give you about why you should redesign – like your SEO isn’t good, or your design is old, or your page speed sucks, or your colour scheme is outdated – and although that’s all very important, that’s not what I’m going to talk to you about today. What I think is the most important factor is inspiration.

The One Question to Ask Yourself When Considering a Redesign

I firmly believe that you should be inspired by your web design. Whether you run a blog and need inspiration to write new content, or your static website needs to inspire you to promote your business, feeling inspired is vital. You should be proud to hand over your business card, point to your URL and say, visit me there. When people land on your home page you should be confident that they’ll be impressed with what they see. You should proudly take compliments that people give you on your design, and know that they are valid.

You need to ask yourself – Am I inspired by my site design? If the answer is no it’s likely time for an overhaul. However, there is one thing that you might mistake for lack of inspiration, and you need to make sure you don’t let it sway your decision. Inspiration is a great reason to redesign, but Envy isn’t.

There are millions of websites out there and thousands of design trends that are constantly developing and changing. Regardless of how great a designer you are, or how new your site design is, there is always going to be a site out there that you like better than your own. You need to accept that now. But regardless of changing trends and gorgeous designs, you need to stand behind your site. It is completely normal to come across a site and be a little jealous of their design, or want to rejig yours to be like theirs. It’s okay to have a momentary lapse that makes you think – wow my site sucks compared to this one. But that moment should quickly pass. Other sites and designs, regardless of how beautiful, should never make you doubt your own.

People often mistake this envy for lack of inspiration and think that because one site inspires them, that their’s no longer can. You can still be inspired by your site design, regardless of how may other sites also inspire you. Don’t compare your site to others, because with all the competition out there, you will always lose. Just think of your site as a single entity on its own – and if you’re happy with it, stand behind that. If you decide to redesign your site every time you fall in love with a new design trend or a competitor’s style, you’ll be redesigning every few days, and you’ll likely regret it. As long as you are inspired by your own site design, others should never challenge that. Ask yourself, Am I inspired by my site design? NOT Am I inspired by my site design compared to that one?

Are you inspired by your site design?

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