Design Feature: Cloth & Castle

Cloth and Castle Preview
Cloth and Castle Preview

To celebrate my one year blog anniversary I held a contest, which gave my readers the chance to win a free logo design. I had a lot of entires, but ultimately Johanna from Cloth & Castle won! She was a real pleasure to work with because she was so open to everything, and my creative juices could really flow.

Johanna chose Cloth & Castle as the name for her blog when she started in 2013 because style and home interiors were two of her biggest categories, and she liked the subtle nod to fantasy/geek culture. She let me know that she had always pictured Peach’s castle from Super Mario when she visualized the logo, and though I don’t play a lot of video games, that was one that I was familiar with. I loved the idea of incorporating a castle in the logo, but also wanted to give it a little whimsy to tie in the cloth and the self proclaimed ‘geeky’ style of Johannas’s blog.

I provided her with a few different options and ultimately we landed on one that we were both really in love with. I love the simplicity and whimsy of this mark, and am so happy with how it turned out. Though the brandboard and colour scheme weren’t originally included in the prize, I decided that I had to include them along with the logo so that Johanna really had a brand she could sink her teeth into.

Cloth and Castle Logo
Cloth and Castle Brandboard

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