Design Feature: Daydreaming Bride

Daydreaming Bride Preview
Daydreaming Bride Preview

Nods of The Daydreaming Bride came to me a few years into her blogging journey when she was ready to invest in a redesign and take her blog to the next level. I was really excited to work with her because she had a clean design vision in mind and that is my favourite kind of design to create. Not to mention, when a website has such gorgeous images to accompany it, it makes designing around them so much more enjoyable. Nods has some really great wedding imagery on her website and I was really excited to incorporate that into my design.

Ultimately we worked together to build a very clean and minimalistic logo as well as a logo mark, and a colourful scheme that we could incorporate throughout her website and branding. Though I usually install and transfer my sites for my clients, Nods decided that she would install the custom designed theme herself when she is ready and has the time to put into the change, so check back to see the site live down the road!

Daydreaming Bride Screenshot

Daydreaming Bride Moodboard
Daydreaming Bride Brandboard

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