Design Feature: Dominate the Digital

Dominate the Digital Preview
Dominate the Digital Preview

Dominate the Digital is a new woman powered conference in Durham region, that will be hosting their first event in November of 2016. The conference was co-founded by a wonderfully talented friend of mine – Jill Kennedy of That’s the Idea.

I do regular design work for Jill and social media clients, so when she co-founded the conference, it only made sense that she come to me for help with the branding and web design. Jill knew that she wanted a bold, empowering brand that wasn’t too feminine or masculine. Together we decided on a orange and blue colour scheme. I knew immediately what kind of logo I wanted to develop, using lines and shapes that would mimic that of a computer chip, and making use of the ‘D’s in the Dominate the Digital name. I offered Jill and the Dominate the Digital team a variety of logo options and colour, and after some edits we decided on one that we we’re all happy with.

This site design was one of my favourites because I custom designed every page on the site. Usually my packages only include a certain number of customized pages unless otherwise requested, but because the design of this site was so important, and because Jill is a great friend of mine, I decided I needed to make each page look the best it could be. I loved sourcing the stock photography for this site and finding images that actually spoke to the target audience of this conference.

Jill and the Dominate the Digital team also requested that I design social media cover and profile images for their social networks, since that is the way they will be optimizing their traffic and reach. Overall I’m really pleased with how the site turned out, and am really proud to be a part of the start of this conference, and to have my name associated with such a strong group of women.

Below you can view a screen capture of the site at the time I designed it, and some of the other design assets.

Dominate the Digital Social Cover Image

Dominate the Digital Screenshot

Dominate the Digital Moodboard

Dominate the Digital Brandboard

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