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In the past little while I’ve finished up the branding for one of my favourite projects ever – That’s the Idea. That’s the Idea is a social media management business run by one of my dearest friends Jill Kennedy. Jill not only sends a tonne of new business my way with all her hard work and networking, but gives me endless support and advice for my business. Most entrepreneurs know that working for yourself can be very lonely at times, which is why it’s so great to have another entrepreneurial friend in my life who I can cowork with and bounce ideas off of.

Jill has been running That’s the Idea for a few years now, but recently decided that it was time for a light rebrand. She wanted to keep the colours and feeling consistent with her existing brand, since she is already established in a lot of networks, but wanted a fresh take on her existing design.

Though a lot of people say that you shouldn’t mix business and friendship, Jill was really my dream client. She let me take the reigns and gave me the creative freedom to build the brand that I had always envisioned for That’s the Idea. She gave her input throughout the process where I needed her, but for the most part let my creative juices flow in a way that I really loved. Her existing logo featured a hand drawn lightbulb and some blue and yellow shades that we’re a great jumping off point to work from. She knew she wanted to maintain the lightbulb so I gave her a few different layout options that I felt really represented the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit behind her brand.

She loved all the choices and ended up choosing a few of the options together, since I usually like to provide options for both horizontal and vertical logos so that they can use them in different environments. The entire design process included her new colours, logo, website, business cards, a poster banner, and postcards to send to clients, so it was really one of the most comprehensive branding packages I’ve worked on so far. We’re just in the process of finishing up the postcards now, but the site has been live for a few weeks.

Jill also had me design her business cards and postcards to distribute to potential clients. I LOVE designing so many different assets for a brand because it’s so nice to be able to carry that visual identity across platforms and mediums. I am so happy with how the brand turned out and I’m so happy to have another strong female entrepreneur in my life.

That's the Idea Moodboard
That's the Idea Brandboard
That's the Idea Logo Options
That's the Idea Business Card That's the Idea Business CardThat's the Idea Postcard That's the Idea PostcardThat's the Idea Screenshot

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