Design Feature: The White Corner Creative

White Corner Creative Preview
White Corner Creative Preview

The White Corner Creative is my own brand that I spent a long time carefully crafting before I launched my blog and design business. Though I have made some slight changes over time (there used to be a red in my colour scheme) it has stayed essentially the same.

I wanted to create a colourful, simple, and modern brand that people would get to know and love. It was important to me that my brand would become memorable, so that when people saw my images on Pinterest and across various platforms, they would always be able to recognize me.

I chose my blog name based on where I first started freelance – in the corner of my parents basement, which was white. It’s as simple as that. I made a long list of potential names, but I decide on this one because I loved the sound of it, and reading it immediately brought a logo idea to life. I knew right away that I wanted to create a triangular logo that could sit quietly in the corner of all my graphics.

White Corner Creative Moodboard
White Corner Creative Brand Board

The White Corner Creative Screenshot

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