The Ultimate List of Free Tools for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

The Ultimate List of Free Tools for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

I’m willing to invest when it’s necessary, but when they are so many amazing free tools available, you don’t need to most of the time! Here are some incredible free blogging and entrepreneurial tools to help you write better, stay organized, manage your social media, improve your design, expand your skills, and much more.

I’ll be constantly updating this list as I find more tools – so check back often for more recommendations. And if you have a great free tool that isn’t on the list, let me know and I’ll add it!

The Ultimate List of Free Tools for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs


  • Evernote – App that lets you keep notes and collaborate with others.
  • Grammarly – Service that helps you find all different sorts of grammar errors in your writing.
  • oTranscribe – Service that transcribes audio and video files into written words.
  • TextCleanr – Tool that clears all the formatting and html away from text.


  • Wunderlist – App where you can keep lists and to-dos across devices (phone app, computer app, and online)
  • Toggl – Service that helps you track the time you spend on different projects.
  • Keeper – App that lets you store all your passwords in one place.
  • Dropbox – Service that lets you store files and images online.
  • Google Docs – Service that lets you store and edit word documents and spreadsheets.
  • Time Out – Service that reminds you to take breaks from the computer to avoid eye and body strain.


  • HelloSign – Service that lets you create and send out contracts for clients to sign virtually.
  • Trello – Service that helps you track projects, emails, calendars, etc.

Social Media

  • Pinterest – Platform where you share and save images linking to sites/blogs.
  • Facebook – Platform where you create a community of followers to keep updated on your activity.
  • Twitter – Platform where you share short messages, images and links to your followers.
  • Instagram – Platform where you share images with your followers and like images others.
  • Bloglovin – Blog reader service that lets you follow blogs and save posts.
  • Stumbleupon – Platform where you share links for the public to browse through at random.
  • Hootsuite – Service that lets you schedule posts on social media and monitor your accounts.
  • Crowdfire – Service that helps you increase and optimize your followers on Instagram and Twitter
  • Click to Tweet – Service that sets a phrase for readers to tweet with one click.
  • Buffer – Service that makes it easy to share and schedule posts on social media.
  • Gravatar – Service where you set one profile image of yourself which carries across many platforms.
  • TweetDeck – Service that helps you track hashtags and helps a lot during Twitter Chats!
  • Latergramme – Let’s you schedule Instagram posts for later (not itself but reminds you to do so).


  • Mailchimp – Email program that lets you gather subscribers and build newsletter campaigns
  • Google Analytics – Service that lets you track visitors to your site and find out details about them
  • Google Keyword Planner – Service that helps you choose the top keywords in your niche.
  • – Free blogging platform for beginners and small time bloggers.
  • Copyscape – Service that lets you search the web for copies of your content.

Graphic Design

  • Lorem Ipsum – Gives you latin text that you can use as a filler when you are designing an image or website.
  • Adobe Kuler – Helps you build custom colour schemes based on a preset combination or your own choosing.
  • Free Stock Photos – There are lots of great free stock photo sites, this is a list I created of the ones I use
  • Canva – Service that lets you create graphics and presentations easily online.
  • Font Squirrel – Helps you find free fonts to download for different purposes, included commercial use.
  • Design Seeds – Helps you build custom colour schemes based on an image.
  • Flickr – Service that lets you store your images online and search for others you can use on your blog/site.
  • WordMark – Service that lets you see the text you choose in all the fonts installed on your computer.
  • What the Font – Service that will identify the font used in a certain image.
  • Colour Hail Pixel – A really cool and well designed colour generator tool.

Web Design

  • Cyberduck – Software that lets you connect to an FTP server
  • Sublime – Code writing program that colours certain portions of code and has helpful shortcuts to speed up your writing.
  • Favicon Maker – Service that creates a favicon for your website (a favicon is the little icon beside URL).
  • GTmetrix – Service that gives you information about site speed and how to improve it.
  • TextCleanr – Removes formatting and html from text you want to move from one place to the other.
  • Google Mobile Friendly Test – Tests how responsive your site is across devices.
  • Responsive Test – Service that lets you choose which device or size to see your site through.
  • Creative Little Respondr – Service that shows you your site in a number of sizes side by side.
  • What’s my Browser Size – Service that tells you how large your browser is at any given time.
  • Firebug – Firefox add on that’s great for web design and sourcing code and glitches.


  • Pocket – A service that lets you save articles for later reading and has a button you can add to your toolbar.
  • Google Alerts – You can set up alerts for a certain keyword or topic so you are notified when something is published.
  • Feedly – Service that lets you track all the sites you read in one place and stay updated.
  • BuzzSumo – Service that helps you find articles related to your niche to share with your readers.
  • Code Academy – An amazing step by step resource to learn lots of different coding languages.

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  1. I love this! Great list of tools, thanks for the tips! I just launched my own website and first blog post yesterday, would love anyone’s feedback! We have super cute tops, dresses and more, all affordable too! Thanks!


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