Freebie – Sassy Mother’s Day Cards

Sassy Mother's Day Cards

Sassy Mother's Day Cards

As another Mother’s Day rolls around next week it’s time for all of us to take a moment to appreciate those in our life who care for us. Whether that means buying them a present, making them breakfast in bed, or just printing off a silly card, take the time to show you care. My mother and I have a funny relationship, as most mothers and daughters do I’m sure. One moment we’re ready to strangle each other, and the next we’re laughing. So, I usually like to give a card that shows I am thankful, while adding a little comedy and a reminder that neither of us are perfect. So, I made a few card designs that do just that.

On a more sombre note, recently a wonderful lady that I work with passed away at only 44 years old, leaving behind a ten-year-old daughter. It pains me to think of what her daughter is facing this Mother’s Day, and it makes me that much more grateful that my mother is here to share the day with me. I’ve had many people die around me in the past few years, but something about this most recent loss has touched me, and made me realize how short life really is. Though it sounds a little silly, I’m trying to live each day a little fuller, and a little more grateful, in her honour. So, regardless of what’s going on this Mother’s Day, take the time to show you care. Heck, you don’t even have to wait until then – do it right now – because you never know what might happen before then.

Below are some folded versions of the cards that you can print off! If you want to send them electronically, feel free to just crop the white half off! Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “Freebie – Sassy Mother’s Day Cards”

  1. Too Funny! I am always looking for funny cards for my family. We are not the sappy kind of family so these are perfect. I agree with Ben that one is priceless!

  2. Those are too funny! Thank you for sharing. These look perfect for that mom with a wicked sense of humor. It always helps to see the humor in things. I am so sorry to hear about your coworker. So unfair!

  3. These are such cute cards!! Very funny and very true. I love the one that they turn out mother in law would love it.

  4. I laughed out loud at every single one of those cards! Great job with the printables! So sorry to hear about your coworker and her daughter, though. I can empathize – my “Mom” passed away 10 years ago this week, and Mother’s Day is always bittersweet for me.

    1. Haha I’m glad to hear that Erica! I love stupid funny stuff like this. And thanks, I’m sorry to hear you’ve gone through that as well, I know this time of year must be difficult. My thoughts are with you!

  5. Thank you for sharing these! I love printables it makes everything that much more thoughtful when I am able to customize it myself.

  6. These are super cute and original Mother’s day printables. I can empathize with your late coworker’s daughter, as I was very young when my mother passed as well. Her memory lingers heavy around this time. Its so sweet of you to take the experience as a life lesson, may you build many more memories with your own mom in the years to come.

    1. Thanks Regina! I’m sorry to hear about that, I know mother’s day must be a tough time for people who have gone through that. My thoughts are with you!

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