Freebie – Icy Treats Summer Wallpaper

Summer Treats Wallpaper

Yesterday was officially the first day of summer – and nothing says summer like ice cream and cold treats, so I created this summer wallpaper to celebrate. Two summers ago I was in Italy eating about two pounds of gelato every day and I loved it. Now I’m a bit of a gelato snob – it’s so hard to find here, and so expensive. But I also love the ice cream they sell at Costco – not only is it huge and delicious soft serve but it’s only $2! But, I still think that the best ice cream you’ll find is at little family owned ice cream shops in small towns where they always have great flavours and are so happy to be there. The best cold treat I’ve ever had was in a small beach village in Italy called Vernazza where I had a vanilla-cherryish flavour named after the village. It was, and still is, the best ice cream or gelato I’ve ever tasted and I hope to make it back there one day to have it again.

I can’t believe I just talked about ice cream for so long. Oh well – enjoy this summer wallpaper!

Summer Treats Wallpaper


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