Freebie – Watermelon Wallpaper

Melissa Carter Design Freebie Watermelon Wallpaper

Melissa Carter Design Freebie Watermelon WallpaperI love watermelon! It tastes great, is good for you, and something about it just screams SUMMER. I remember eating it as a kid and the juice just getting over everything because it was too wide to bite properly. I still love it, but I eat it a little more neatly now. So I designed these watermelon wallpaper in a few different sizes – because I love watermelon, and I love variety!

Use these watermelon wallpapers to dress up your phone or your computer for the summer – for the days where you’re wanting to be out in the sun but you’re stuck inside working or surfing the web. Maybe it will inspire you to spend some time out in the sun – I know I need to start taking advantage of our backyard more! Enjoy!

What’s your favourite summer fruit?

This post was originally publishing on June 12, 2015 and has been updated to better serve you!


14 thoughts on “Freebie – Watermelon Wallpaper”

    1. Don’t know how I missed this comment Megan, but thank you! I love watermelons, not only the gorgeous colours and design, but the taste too – it’s like food and a drink all in one. So convenient. This makes me wish summer was lasting a little longer. Haha

    1. Hi Luz. Could you let me know what the issue you are having is? After you enter your email address it should reveal the four variations of the image which you can then save/download.

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