Get the Job – 20 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Get the Job - 10 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

We’ve all been there – sitting at the end of a job interview when the interviewer asks “So, do you have any questions for me?” as they lean back in their chair. And at one time or another, we’ve all probably said “No.” I know I’ve done it. And I look back and shudder. Asking your potential employer questions is a vital part of any interview for a number of reasons. First, you want to let them know that you were listening to what they said, and that you are interested. Second, you want them to know that you are intrigued by the role. Lastly, you want them to know that you aren’t just going to accept any job. They might be looking for the best employee, but you’re also looking for the best employer, and you need to find a job that fits you. Asking questions will show confidence, intelligence, and comfortability in the interview environment. Though you should be doing research about a company before any interview, here are a few general questions to ask your interviewer.

Get the Job - 10 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

When you pose your questions, don’t be afraid to sound a little confidence. Insert yourself into the potential role and ask questions like “what would I do..”. Using this kind of verbiage will not only display your confidence, but it will also help the interviewer to visualize you in this role. But remember, use words like “would” instead of “will” to show that you know the role is not guaranteed to be yours yet.

1. What is an average day in this role like?
2. What is the possibility of advancement within the organization?
3. How does this role fit within the company structure?
4. How would you describe your ideal candidate?
5. What immediate tasks or jobs would I be working on?
6. Is this a new position? If not, where is the last employee now?
7. What are key attributes that your organization looks for in employees?
8. How do you measure success within the company?
9. What skill sets is the team missing that I would be filling?
10. What are the biggest challenges I would face?
11. How do you expect this role to change as the company grows?
12. How would I be trained for this position?
13. What did you do before this?
14. What’s your favourite part about working here?
15. Where do you see this company in the next few years?
16. Can you tell me about the team I would be working with?
17. Who would I be reporting to directly?
18. What other departments work closely with this one?
19. What is the company and team culture like?
20. Do you ever do team building events outside the office?

When going to an interview, have a list of potential questions. Of course you don’t want to whip out a piece of paper when the interviewer asks you for questions, but making a list and writing them down will ensure that you remember at least one or two. You should also be prepared to improvise. It might be tough when you’re nervous and sweating, but try to actually listen to what the interviewer is saying, and then build off of that. Ask about things they mentioned earlier in the interview or things you’ve read online to show you’ve prepared and you were paying attention.

When an interviewer asks you for any questions, they expect you to inquire about atleast one or two things. Don’t be shy. In this case, there really is no stupid questions. Anything you can think of will be a conversation piece and will bring on further information and bonding time between you and your interviewer. And, of course, anything is better than saying “No I don’t have any questions”, so do your research, pay attention, and ask away.

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