How to Decide if DIY WordPress is Right For You

How to Decide if DIY WordPress is Right For You

How to Decide if DIY WordPress is Right For YouAre you happy with your website?

Every now and then I run into someone who has had their site professionally designed, or has spent hours and hours figuring out how to perfect their site on their own, and they’re in love with their website. I know exactly how they feel, because I love my website too.

But, more often than not, people are not 100% happy with their websites. There’s a lot of ‘oh it’s a work in progress‘ and ‘oh I’m in the middle of working on that page‘. Or ‘don’t mind those broken links‘ or ‘I’m saving up for a designer‘. There are SO many entrepreneurs out there that are unsatisfied with their websites, and most of them are in the same three stages of the website process.

Some are at ground zero, with no website and no idea where to start. They know that their lack of website is holding them back. They keep telling themselves things like ‘I’ll create my website once I make some money‘ or ‘I’ll hire a professional designer next year‘. But, the website keeps moving further and further down their to-do list, and they keep not meeting their goals and not finding the success they want. They’re tired of sighing over their website and wishing they had the budget to hire help, but the idea of starting a website on their own is scary.

Others are halfway through the process. They have a WordPress website that someone set up for them, or they set up for themselves by piecing together random tutorials. Though they know the basics of how to add content, there’s a lot they don’t know. Every time they want to do a simple thing like changing a menu link, adding something to the sidebar, or changing content on their homepage, they have to spend hours Googling or ask for help. They’re so tired of not knowing how to do small things that they’ve given up on their website and accepted that they’ll never really get WordPress.

Lastly, some people are a little farther along in the process. They have a website, and they know the basics of how to use it, but they have no control over the design. They have an eye for design and want to be able to do things like change colours, spacing, and fonts, but when they try they spend hours Googling and still can’t figure out how. Some of these people have even had a professional designer create their site for them. And though it looks good, they don’t know how to make any changes. They’re tired of having to ask for help every time they want to make what seems like a small, simple change. They wish they could learn how to customize their design once and for all, and finally take control of their design.

I have run into all three of these people time and time again in my work as a web designer. In fact, I’ve been all three of these people at different periods throughout my journey. And after spending years teaching myself how to move from one stage to the next, and how to create and master and design my website, I know exactly what each of them needs to help them move forward. And I want to help them all.DIY WordPress Academy

That’s why I’ve created DIY WordPress Academy. Because I don’t want people to have to choose between spending thousands on their website, and being unhappy with it. I don’t want them to choose investing in a professional website design over paying rent that month. And I don’t want the thought of starting a website to be a daunting one, I want it to be an exciting one.

I want to offer another option. Investing just a bit of money, and your time, to create your own site and learn how to turn it into your dream website yourself. No more spending hours on Google trying to find an answer. No investing thousands into a professional designer just to have a good looking website that you don’t know how to edit. No dreaming of a website you just can’t afford.

DIY WordPress Academy will teach you how to setup, master, and design a WordPress website and give you full control over every aspect. Plus, it’s split into three different courses, so you can customize your website journey and only purchase the courses that YOU need.

The truth is that a website and success are a lot like the chicken and the egg. People don’t want to spend money on a website until they make enough money in their business, but they won’t make any money in their business until they have a website. It’s an endless cycle, and one that people often get stuck in for years. But, DIY WordPress Academy can help you break the cycle right now, and help you build your own dream website, that you’ll have complete control over, without breaking the bank.

So how do you know if DIY WordPress Academy is right for you? If any of the above scenarios feels familiar, then it is. You’re my ideal student, and I’ve tailor made this course to help you create and LOVE your website.

If you’re the first kind of person, who’s at ground zero and doesn’t know where to start, than DIY WordPress Setup will help you get your WordPress site up and running in no time. If you have a site that you don’t really know how to use, then DIY WordPress Basics will teach you everything you need to know to master your WordPress dashboard. If you have a website you can use but you just aren’t in love with, DIY WordPress Design will teach you how to customize your design down to the pixel.

And, if all that sounds intriguing, you can get all three courses at a discounted rate in my DIY WordPress Bundle, that will take you from ground zero, through setting up, mastering, and designing your dream WordPress website.

If you’ve been saying yes, yes, YES in your head this whole time, then I know DIY WordPress Academy can help you, and I can’t wait to start helping you through your website journey! My DIY WordPress Academy is now open for enrollment here.

7 thoughts on “How to Decide if DIY WordPress is Right For You”

  1. I’m at ground zero I got a domain name and was going to work my own way through it and then I found your wordpress academy and thought it seemed like a better idea!!
    I would love a bit more info on pricing if that is possible please.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I’m excited to hear you are interested!

      DIY WordPress Setup will be $67, DIY WordPress Basics will be $267 and DIY WordPress Design will be $227, or the bundle of all three courses will be $497 (and those are all prices in US dollars).

      I’ll be offering a launch week special price as well, so stay tuned for that. And make sure you sign up for my newsletter above because I’ll be offering a special presale price before the official launch, that’s only available to subscribers!

  2. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that I think you could probably answer.
    I was wondering, Can a web designer/developer use ‘free’ bootstrap templates to make a website/web app for a
    paying client? Or is it better to use a paid template? Any insight would be
    greatly appreciated!

    1. Hey there! A designer or developer can definitely use a free template for a client. The client is paying for your expertise, and the work you do installing the template, designing the site, adding their information, customizing the format, etc. In my opinion it doesn’t matter whether you are starting from a free or paid template, it just matters that you’re providing them with a good end product!

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