How to Refresh Your Facebook Share Attachment After Updating

How to Refresh Your Facebook Share Attachment After Updating

We’ve all been there before – you write a post, work hard to create a beautiful image, publish it, share it on social media, and then you notice a spelling error or a mistake. The feeling is an awful one. Sometimes, the only choice is to delete the post, fix the error, and then re-share it. But, often times it’s not a great option because you’ll lose whatever likes and traction you’ve already gained. Luckily on Facebook, there’s a way to refresh the post without having to delete and re-share. And it’s very easy.

How to Refresh Your Facebook Share Attachment After Updating

When you share a WordPress post on Facebook it looks something like this, depending on your share settings. You’ll notice that it grabs some of the text and puts it into the body of the post, and then it shows a preview of the post.
The White Corner Creative Facebook Share Image

If you notice a spelling error in the body, it’s fixable just by clicking ‘Edit Post’ but if it’s in the preview of the post, it’s not as easy. If it’s in the body, just fix the spelling error, then go back and fix the spelling error in your original WordPress post, and you don’t have to worry about refreshing.
The White Corner Creative Facebook Share

However, if the error is in the preview of the post (in the excerpt it shows at the bottom) or maybe it pulled the wrong image, you have to refresh to fix it.

First, go back to your original WordPress post and fix the error. The spelling mistake or the excerpt or the image. Whatever the issue was, correct it, and then click Update.

Then, go back to Facebook and click on the time stamp of the post right under the name to get to the individual post page.
The White Corner Creative Facebook Share

Once you’re on the individual page, click on the little arrow in the top right of the post, then click on More Options. This will bring you a list of some more options, one of which is ‘Refresh Share Attachment’.
The White Corner Creative Facebook Share

When you click on Refresh Share Attachment it will show you a preview of the refreshed share. If the error is still there, it might just be because it’s too soon and it hasn’t been able to register the change yet, so wait a little longer and then try it again. But, if you do see the error is fixed, just click Save and that’s it!
The White Corner Creative Facebook Share

Making a mistake is an awful feeling, but luckily on Facebook there’s now an easy way to remedy it!

Have you ever noticed a mistake after you published a post?

20 thoughts on “How to Refresh Your Facebook Share Attachment After Updating”

    1. You’re welcome Wendy! Wanting to update something but not knowing how is such a frustrating issue, so I hope this helps some people figure it out! Thanks for reading.

  1. This is great! But for some reason I’m unable to find the Refresh Share attachment option in my little drop down menu even after clicking “More Options”. This is for my facebook page for my personal website. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for reading! Make sure you are on the individual post page. If you are just on your Facebook page itself you will not see the ‘refresh share attachment’. You have to click on the time of the post to be brought to the individual post page, then the little arrow, and then you will see it under more options. Let me know if you find it!

      1. Yeah, I’m having the same issue. I’ve definitely used this feature before but now fora particular post it just won’t show up even though I’m for sure in the right place. I can’t find info anywhere about why it won’t show up sometimes.

  2. I use this all the time, however it seems that recently it doesn’t work most of the time. The refresh just shows the domain, even though Facebook’s Sharing Debugger fetches it properly. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Eric, sorry for the delay, your comment got lost in the mix. As far as I have been able to tell this feature still works. You just have to make sure your website contains the right info like a title, description, and feature image. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for sharing this Melissa. I had been trying to figure this out for a while using the Debug page to fix the images, but unable to work out how to refresh the share attachment on the WordPress automatic post. I am really happy to have found your solution!

  4. For some reason, the refresh share attachment option is unavailable for some posts. (Yes, I am on the individual post). I see it on my other posts, but on some, I only get debug and embed options. Any workaround for this?

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  6. How does it work in Android? It is not possible to click on the “time” of the post to reveal the “share attachment” option. It is possible on the desktop site. Thanks.

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  8. thank you for your help. if the post had been shared with the incorrect headline and you refresh the share attachment, will the correct data transfer over to the shared posts as well?

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