How to Reuse Your Blog Content with Recur Post

How to Reuse Your Old Content With Recur Post

As a blogger, I’m always on the hunt for the best tricks and tools to speed up my workflow and keep me as productive as I can be. One of the biggest problems that bloggers face is promotion. Once you write a blog post and share it for the first time, it’s easy for it to fall to the wayside and never be seen again. That’s IF you don’t know how to optimize it. I recently came across Recur Post, signed up for their free account, and am in LOVE.

How to Reuse Your Old Content With Recur Post

What is it?

So what is Recur Post? The name is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll explain. This service lets you build content libraries, which you populate with posts that you want to share. Then you connect your social networks, set a schedule, and voila! Recur Post shares the posts for you. You can set it to be multiple times a day, just once a day, or once a week, depending on what you want. All you have to do is keep the content libraries filled with content, and it does all the sharing and scheduling for you.

When you put a link into your content library, it automatically pulls the link and description, so you can get a feel for what it will look like. You can also add your own description or comments to go along with it!

I also love the fact that you can always see your editorial calendar, so you can get a preview of what is going out that day. This way you can double check your content to make sure it’s appropriate for the day’s events, and cancel it at the last minute if you want to.


Recur Post has a free Standard membership, a Medium membership, and a Large membership. Depending on which you choose you can connect a certain number of social networks, and a number of number of posts you can store in your library at once. The free membership is great and allows two networks and 100 pieces of content, so it’s definitely worth trying out. But, like me, you might find out that you love the service so much that you need the paid membership.


The Recur Post customer service team is a great one. I had a request regarding the size of their Twitter images, I tweeted them, and their team answered in minutes. They said they’d make the fix and they’re already in the works of doing it. I can’t wait until it’s updated so I can start sharing my blog content to Twitter as well.

One other thing that I think they should include is the ability to delete posts automatically from the library. The purpose of the site is to reuse old posts, so it works well if I put 200 of my own blog posts in the library and it just cycles through all of them. But, if I create a library of third party content that I want to share, I’d like to have the ability to delete it after it’s shared so that it never goes out twice.

How it Compares

I’ve tried a lot of different social media schedulers over the years, and the one thing that bothers me about all of them is the actual scheduling. I don’t like having to pick a time and date for every post, because that’s the most time consuming part. I know other schedulers have an ‘automatic’ or ‘optimal time’ setting, but I still don’t think you get enough control when using those. I love being able to dump content and links into Recur Post and leave them alone, knowing they’ll go out at the same time every day. The best thing of course is that the content is recurring. Once you dump your whole library of blog posts in there you just sit back and know that your content will never go stale, it will keep being reused and reshared to make the most of it! I mean, I wouldn’t recommend this if you only have 5 blog posts, cause that cycling content will just get annoying and you’ll likely lose a lot of followers. But, if you have a substantial library of content like I do, this is perfect!

How I use it

I wanted to optimize my old content, which is why I went out searching for a solution in the first place. But, once I found Recur Post I also realized that I could be doing a lot more in terms of social media sharing, so I got to work. Right now I have 3 libraries. One is my own blog content. Every time I write a new blog post I add it there and it’s set to publish to Facebook once a day. The second library is third party content – every time I find a post or link that I think my readers would be interested in, I add it to the library, and that is scheduled to go out to Facebook once a day as well (at a different time). My third library is inspirational quotes – I’ve just started posting quotes to Twitter every day, and I add them there and they go out to Twitter every morning. Once Recur Post remedies the image issue I saw, I’ll also be adding Twitter to the schedule of my own blog posts and third party content, and I can’t wait!

What services do you use to schedule your content?

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  1. Amazing product overview! Well done Melissa. Would love to hear what you think about Hiplay tool. We work on top of your Buffer account so you don’t need to connect all accounts separately :)

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