Inspiration – Rifle Paper Company

Rifle Paper Co Inspiration

Rifle Paper Co Inspiration

My love for Rifle Paper Company has been long and ever growing. The company first caught my attention when I stumbled upon their floral patterns on Pinterest one day. I visited their site and explored everything that they design, and needless to say I was hooked.

Rifle Paper Co. is a design and illustration company based in Winter Park, Florida run by husband and wife duo Anna and Nathan Bond. Their products are based off of Anna’s illustrations and they sell everything from phone cases to clothing to stationary.

They do all sorts of collaborations with different companies to come up with new products – recently their collab with Paper Crown brought about this beautiful clothing line that I spend far too much time dreaming about. Of course, most of the pieces sold out in minutes, despite the fairly high price tags, but I can still dream! They’ve also collaborated with Puffin books to create an absolutely beautiful line of illustrated classics. Once I have a house and a library I’ll invest in these books, and proudly display them on my bookshelf.

A few months ago I found their floral 2015 calendar on sale for just $5 at Chapters, and it was the first Rifle Paper Co. purchase I’ve made. I’m in love with it – and turning to the next month is always exciting. I also recently bought a beautiful phone case for my new iPhone 6 and am just waiting for it to arrive. Slowly my collection of Rifle Paper goods is growing. One day when I create my gallery wall (another one of my daydreams) I’ll add some of my favourite Rifle Paper prints.

I’m not sure what exactly it is that I love about their designs. The colour combinations are bold, the shapes are simple, the lines are clean, and the images are always interesting. Every design is unique, yet they manage to keep a cohesive look through everything they do – when you see a design that Anna did, you know it was her. I particularly love their florals, I’ve always been a huge fan of flowers, doodling them everywhere I go, and I find these ones incredibly beautiful.

Search Rifle Paper Co. on Pinterest and or browse their site and take some time to explore everything they’ve done. It seems every time I turn around Anna Bond has done something new and exciting – I don’t know where she finds the time. All of her creations are so incredible, and I find endless inspiration in her work.

Rifle Paper Company’s collaboration with Paper Crown created some really beautiful apparel that I dream about when staring into my closet.
Rifle Paper Company’s Les Fleurs 2015 calendar has a beautiful different colour and floral arrangement for every month. I’m in love with this calendar – and will probably keep it as art even after 2015 is over.
Rifle Paper Company’s collaboration with Puffin books created a beautiful modern take on the publication of the classics like Little Women, A Little Princess and Heidi. I’m in love with these creations – they look like the classic old fabric bound books you see in your grandparents library, with a modern twist!
Rifle Paper Company has about 25 patterned wallpaper variations that you can order online. Oh my goodness Rifle Paper Company sells wallpaper too! When I buy my first house this will definitely be going in at east one room.
Rifle Paper Company has a line of city inspired art prints for locations all over the world. I’m in love with the prints for London and New York.
Rifle Paper Company has temporary tattoos now inspired by their famous floral designs. I can’t believe this! would it be okay to take one of these into a parlour and get a real tattoo of it?
Rifle Paper Company has phone cases for lots of different models in a bunch of gorgeous patterns. I fell in love with this mint beauty and ordered it for myself a few weeks ago.

What are your favourite Rifle Paper Co. pieces? Have you ever ordered anything from them?

19 thoughts on “Inspiration – Rifle Paper Company”

  1. Ah your site is so gorgeous Kyla! And that printable is amazing! I definitely see the Rifle Paper inspiration there! I love it thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh wow I am so in love – Thank you so much for introducing me to Anna and Nathan’s work. It’s so great also to see successful artists able to really make it professionally and take part in such amazing collaborations, especially the one with Puffin books!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. I agree Lauren they’re stuff is so unique, I can always spot it a mile away. I can definitely see the inspiration there, your branding is gorgeous!

  3. Such a big fan of theirs, I love the city posters, I have the London one! Thinking of getting the Los Angeles one next. Thanks for sharing these, very inspiring!

    1. Ooh I’m jealous Melissa! I love the london one. I really want that one and New York. I keep dreaming that they’ll make one for Siena, Italy – my favourite place on earth. But I think it’s a little bit too small for them to make one.

  4. So whimsical! I love that London print. I think I even pinned it months ago when looking for London art. I’m sure I’ll want everything in that catalog.

    1. I agree Leilani, whimsical is the perfect word to describe it! I love the london print as well. So unique, yet it embodies the city so perfectly!

  5. I love Rifle Paper Company! Everything they have is so beautiful! I haven’t made any purchases yet, but once I own a house I’d love to use the gorgeous wallpaper! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the beautiful pictures!


    1. Ahh I agree, the wallpaper is a far off dream of mine. I really want to find a place (and a budget) for it someday when I own a house. Thanks for reading!

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