How to Add Those Large Images to Your Twitter Posts

How to Add Those Large Images to Twitter Posts

If you spend any time on Twitter, you’ve likely seen lots of articles and posts that people have shared in your feed. While most of them will have an accompanying image, sometimes the image is large and sometimes it’s smaller. I used to think this was just random and twitter selected which way to display the posts on its own. However, the truth is that you can determine which way your posts will show up.

How to Add Those Large Images to Twitter Posts

Most of the times, the bigger the image, the better. It will make your post stand out from the rest of people’s feeds so that they click through to visit your site – and visits is what we want! So, how do we go about adding these big images to your twitter posts? It’s simple. What we want is called a ‘Summary Card with Large Image’ which is pretty self explanatory. You can see in the screen shot of my feed below how the large images stand out from the smaller one.

Twitter Card Large Image Feed

There are two ways to add these images. The first is if you do not use any type of SEO plugin, in which case you’ll have to add the code in for the Twitter images manually. Twitter gives instructions on how to do that here.

The other way is if you have SEO Yoast installed. I recommend this plugin to everyone because it adds great SEO info to your site and is super easy to use, so if you aren’t already using it, install it now!

Once installed, go to SEO > Social and you will some social media options there. Click on the twitter tab and you will see a few choices that are specific to Twitter. First you want to enable ‘Add Twitter card meta data’ if it isn’t already enabled. This adds meta data so that Twitter can pull info from your site and create a card, rather than just displaying a plain HTML link.

Once you enable it, you have the choice between Summary and Summary with Large Image. Of course, images is what we want, so select that one. And voila, that’s it! It might take some time to actually go into effect, but soon your twitter links should be automatically showing a large image when shared.

You can see in the two images below how the same link looked on just Summary vs Summary with Large Image. Obviously large image is best as it captures the eye!

The only issue now is that Twitter seems to automatically scale the images from the top, so if you’re like me and you’re images are taller and text is in the middle, it won’t look great. So, the solution is to upload an image that is specifically for Twitter to each post. It’s a little more work, but will save you lots of time and gain you lots of click in the long run!

When you are in the editor of an individual post, just scroll down to the Yoast SEO box, and click on the three circles attached by the two lines (or the social editor). Then click on the tab with the little twitter bird. There you’ll see a spot to upload an image specifically for Twitter, and it even tells you the ideal size (1024x512px). I create my images easily by adding a second artboard to my illustrator file so I can export both images easily!

And voila! That’s it. You can check to see what your Twitter share will look like before sharing it by using Twitter’s card validator tool here.

How do you optimize your Twitter feed?

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    1. I believe when you retweet something it’s different – it just depends on the image or link itself that was in the original tweet, and how that person has their site set up.

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