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Teal Moodboard

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I’m moving! Out of my parents house and into my own space. Well, in with two roommates, two of my best friends from school, but still really my own space. We’ve rented the top second and third floors of a house in Toronto, and we move in on Saturday! I’m so excited, and I’ve been counting down the days for weeks now. It took us a while to find the perfect place, but after a lot of searching, we found one we’re really in love with. White walls, dark hardwood, big windows, and a great deck on the top floor.

The keys are officially ours tomorrow, but Saturday’s the day we’re packing up and moving in. I’ve spent far too long visualizing and dreaming up my perfect bedroom. I bought some new furniture from ikea, and some used pieces from Kijiji, and finally have everything I need to create what, I hope will be, the perfect room. In the dream room I’ve also got my dream desk, nice white space with coloured accents and lots of space to work in.

I’ve been trying to visualize the perfect space, though it’s hard when you’re not actually there and you’ve only seen the room in person twice, but I think I’ve got it all down pat. We’ll know on Saturday when we get all my stuff in there and see how it looks. Right now all I have is Pinterest to dream with. I’m thinking lots of white space, shades of teal, natural woods and lots of neutral colours. What do you think? I’ll post some pictures of my new place on Instagram as soon as I’ve got it together!

Teal Moodboard

Image links: Ombre Stairs/Teal Mason Jar/Teal Lampshade/Geometric Planter/White Brick Fireplace/Teal Utility Cart/Teal Bedspread/Wooden Table/Mint Wooden Walls/Lofted Ceilings

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    1. Thanks Lauren! I’m soo excited! I had no idea you lived in Toronto, or even Canada for that matter! Or maybe I did know and I forgot. But that’s awesome! Small world

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