What to Do When Motivation Runs Low

What to do When Motivation is Running Too Low

I’ve been slacking lately. A little while ago – jeeze, I guess it was a month ago – I had a sale to celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog. The sale was really exciting. I brought in a bunch of new clients, all of whom are creative and inspiring and I’m really excited to work with. However, the influx of new business also meant that other things fell by the wayside.

What to do When Motivation is Running Too Low

Since my sale on April 12th, I’ve only posted one blog post. It’s sad, and almost embarrassing looking back at it now. Before the sale I was running on a pretty consistent blogging schedule. I used to do three posts a week, but when that became too much to manage with my business I moved to just two posts a week on Monday and Thursday. That was going smoothly, and for the most party I never missed a day, and always had my posts ready to go ahead of time.

And then I had my sale. Needless to say I didn’t plan for it well enough, and now know that I should have had all the content for the next month written and scheduled before ever publishing the sale, so that I could focus on my new business without letting my blog fizzle.

I’ve also been a bit spoiled by all the new business. I love, and I mean LOVE the creative process of designing a brand and website. Learning about a new client’s business and audience, and their vision for their brand, then helping them build that brand, and then creating the website of their dreams is my ideal kind of day. I love waking up every day and doing that, and lucky for me, I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

Unfortunately, it also means that when it comes time to write a blog post, I feel even less motivated, because all I can think about is what I really want to be doing – designing. And after slacking week after week for the past month, and living in the luxury of only doing client work (and touching up my own site design a tad), I’ve been spoiled and turned off blogging.

But I’m back! I’m forcing myself to get back into the swing of things and start sticking to my schedule again. I just have to remember that I really do love blogging – it’s not a chore. Diving back in is always the hardest part, but once you do it’s fairly easy to stick to it again. I’ve always found that to be true. Regardless of what it is you’re working on or dealing with, there are always lulls. Days when you feel like just lying in bed and doing nothing. And that’s okay – it’s only when you allow yourself do to that day after day that it becomes a problem. Eventually you’ve just gotta slap yourself in the face and say, ‘Get back to it!’.

And that’s what I’m doing now. I’m back to blogging, and plan to stick to my schedule. I’m turning off the daytime TV, sitting down at my desk, and am going to come up with as many posts as I can. Then I’ll type until my finger tips ache. Once I’m caught up I’ll be able to get back into my normal routine of writing every weekend. Here’s to setting routines and then sticking to them!

What routines have you set lately, and how do you stick to them?

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  1. hahaha I love the slap yourself in the face technique. That’ll be sure to wake you up! I’m currently trying to set a routine to wake up at the same time everyday and I’m slowly getting there. I find that trying to do it all at once isn’t the best. But if I can get up at a certain time three days out of the week then I’m making progress. Thanks so much for sharing your relatable post :)

    1. Hey Vivian! I’m still trying to work out a perfect routine but these days I usually end up writing a few blog posts on the weekend and then doing client work during the week. But that’s the beauty of entrepreneurship, you can do whatever works best for you! Thanks for reading!

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