Design Feature: No Fear of Depths

No Fear of Depths Preview
No Fear of Depths Preview

No Fear of Depths is a blog written by Sabrina Conrad. Sabrina is starting her studies in Depth Psychology and will be writing about her journey and share the things she learns along the way. Sabrina was flexible with her design, and only knew that she wanted to draw inspiration from a quote by Anaïs Nin – “I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” I loved this inspiration because it drew in a really nice visual of an underwater colour palette and mermaids, but it also paralleled her ‘depth’ psychology niche.

Sabrina gave me a quick summary of what depth psycholgoy was but I’m not going to try and explain it. Google says it’s “approaches to therapy that are open to the exploration of the subtle, unconscious, and transpersonal aspects of human experience. A depth approach may include therapeutic traditions that explores the unconscious and involves the study and exploration of dreams, complexes, and archetypes.” Essentially I drew out of this an deep, ethereal,

As always, the first step in the process was to build a moodboard and draw a colour palette from it. I looked for underwater abstract colour combinations and decided to stick with blue and greens since I thought they matched the theme and niche very well. After a little back and forth Sabrina and I settled on a moodboard and colour scheme of bright blues and greens.

After deciding on a colour scheme, the next step was to create the site header. Sabrina was really flexible and open to my designs and interpretations. I came up with 6 design choices, and tried to stay with the brain, depth, and underwater theme. When I sent her the choices, I already was in love with one of them, and hoped she would be drawn to the same one. Luckily she was, and it is one of the best logos I have ever created.

Sabrina chose number four and then I set to work designing the site. We knew we wanted to stick with a very white, clean design with coloured accents throughout. Sabrina also asked for custom coloured social icons and a customized top posts widget in the sidebar like the one on my site. She also wanted a custom sidebar image to incorporate the quote she loves so much into the site. We decided that a mermaid graphic for the top of the sidebar would be best, so I designed an abstract underwater image, playing with the dark blues in her colour scheme. It took a little while to get just right, but eventually we found one we were both happy with.

Sabrina had also done her research before we started working together, and knew that she wanted to put a lot of focus on her newsletter and build a subscriber base, so we put attractive and eye catching sign up boxes throughout the site. She also requested that I design some custom feature image templates for her, so that she could keep her brand consistent and gorgeous all the way through!

Unfortunately the site is not live yet because Sabrina is still perfecting her content, but you will be able to see it eventually here. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and I only hope I can get more creative clients like Sabrina in future. Sabrina was a dream to work with because she knew exactly what she wanted and was very specific about what she liked and didn’t like throughout the process.

No Fear of Depths MoodboardNo Fear of Depths BrandboardNo Fear of Depths BrandboardI Have No Fear of Depths but a Great Fear of Shallow Living

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