How to Optimize Your Disqus Profile to Bring in Readers

How to Optimize Your Disqus Profile to Bring in Readers

If you’ve been blogging or reading blogs for any length of time, you’ve likely come across Disqus. Disqus, pronounced discuss, is a comment system that can be integrated into most of the major blogging platforms, and makes it easy for people to comment. If you’re using WordPress like I am, Disqus is a plugin that you can easily install and configure.

How to Optimize Your Disqus Profile to Bring in Readers

Once you create a Disqus account the first time, then you only ever have to login to be able to comment, and the system pulls in your name, picture, email, and profile. But the problem is that most people create a Disqus profile for the first time on a whim just to be able to comment on something, and then forget to go back and perfect their profile.

Luckily, you can go back and edit your profile now. If someone clicks on your name you want them to be able to find out everything they need to know about you, and visit your blog. Here’s a few things you can do right now to optimize your profile. To access you settings you can just go to Disqus > Settings > Edit Profile.

Disqus Profile


The first thing you want to do is put in your name. This is what will show up when you comment anywhere. You can chose your first name, your first and last name, and maybe even something fancier. Some people choose to put in a whole string like Melissa @ The White Corner Creative to fit in their name and their blog title.


Next set up your biography. Keep it short and sweet. This will show up when someone views your profile on Disqus. You want to tell them what you do, and give some context so they can understand comments they might see that you’re making. Mention what you do, your blog title, and your niche.


You need to have your website link in your profile so that people can always find a link back to your site. Put the link to your homepage, or maybe go fancy and create a special landing page to welcome people from Disqus.


You can be fun with your location if you want to, but the truth is that most of your readers will want to know where you’re from so they can feel connected to you. It says that you have a max of 100 characters but it’s really less that will show on your profile. I was going to put something clever like ‘A bright white corner in Toronto, Ontario’ but it didn’t all show up on my profile, so I just went with the short and sweet location.


One of the most important things about your profile is your image. People need to see what you look like so they can feel connected to you. You can put an image of yourself or you can put in your blog’s logo – though I’d recommend using your own picture. You can choose to upload one directly or bring in one from your gravatar account.


Your username is what people can find you at – mine is @whitecornercreative. It’s also the URL that people will see your profile at, so mine is If you’re using your name for your profile, then using your blog name for your username is probably a good idea, so people can always see both. You find your username under the Account section of your settings.


The last thing to do is to set up when you will be notified. You always want to keep track of when people are commenting on your blog so that you can reply to them and interact with your readers. You also want to see when people respond to comments you’ve made on other sites so that you can comment back if necessary. Integrating with people in a timely fashion is a great way to build community and readership.

Disqus Comments

Once you install Disqus on your site, it will automatically create a community for your blog. You can then view all of the comments that have been made on your community through Disqus itself – you can view mine here. Here you’ll be able to see the conversations that have happened lately on your blog, and recent posts that you’ve published.

Optimizing your Disqus account and profile is a great way to bring in more readers for your blog, and the best part is that it’s easy, and you can do it in less than five minutes. Make sure you’ve got a profile that captures eyes and brings readers in!

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