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Amy Eaton

This project was completed in July 2017 for Amy Eaton, a photographer based in Toronto, Ontario.

Amy’s also the photography wizard who took all the amazing photos you see plastered all over this site.

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Amy Eaton Logo

The Brand

Amy wanted to build a brand focused on authenticity, empowerment, and connectedness. She wanted her readers and ideal clients to find her brand knowledgeable, approachable and fun. Her passion is helping female handmade and product based sellers take their online shops from a few sales to a successful, thriving business, by teaching them how to DIY their own beautiful product photos.

Amy Eaton Logo Marks

The Visuals

Amy wanted her visual brand to be vibrant, unique, bold, and quirky, yet also sophisticated. Her current brand was too muted and didn’t really reflect her bold personality or attract her true tribe of passionate business ladies.

Amy Eaton Website

The Direction

Amy is from the east coast and has always been inspired by waves, she even has a tattoo of them. She wanted to incorporate waves into her design, while still subtly hinting at photography. The design started as a full shutter with waves in the center, and then gradually evolved into a graphic of a wave seen through a hexagonal shutter. When we added on the final touch of the offset black lines, it really put a pop on the level of sophistication and we knew we had a winning brand.

Amy Eaton Logo Stacked

“Working with Melissa has been an absolute game changer for my business. From beginning to end, she was wonderful to work with. She was able to completely understand the vibe and vision I had for my brand – even when I wasn’t sure myself. She manifested my personality and my business approach into beautiful design, from the colours and fonts, to the logo and pattern. Not only does it completely jive with me, but also attracts my ideal clients who are creative themselves. My new branding has given me a strong voice in the creative field and I display it boldly and confidently across all my platforms. I can’t thank her enough!” – Amy Eaton