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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my design after I purchase it?

After your purchase, you have full ownership and usage rights of your logo and designs. This means that you can use your designs however you like it, commercially or non-commercially. You can use them on your website, product labels, business cards, printed materials, social media images, anything.

The only thing that you can not do is redistribute the designs. They are for your use only. This means that you can not re-sell or give away the designs to someone who will be using them for their brand. If someone likes your logo and wants something similar, they have to visit my shop and purchase one themselves.

Do I get to see my design before it’s complete?

By default, you will receive your final files within 3 business days and you will NOT have the opportunity to request edits or changes. If you would like to see a proof of your designs before you receive your final files, then purchase a proof along with your order. When you purchase a proof, you will receive a preview of your designs within 3 business days. Then you will have the opportunity to send back up to three reasonable edits to be made to your proof. After sending back your edits you will receive your final files within 3 business days.

What fonts will be used in my design?

The fonts that you see in the logo you choose will be the same fonts used in your customized design. All the fonts I use are free for commercial use. This means that you can find and download these fonts online for free, and then use them in your own designs and website.

When you purchase a branding kit with your logo, the font names will be listed on the final brand board. When you purchase only a logo, the fonts will be listed in the email containing your final design files.

I do not name the fonts used in each logo on the listing because that would make it easier for others to copy my designs.

What if I like the colours that are already used in the logo?

If you like the colours in the logo as it appears on this site, you can use those colours. The easiest way to find out the colour codes for these colours is to take a screenshot of the logo, and then upload that picture here. You will then be able to use this tool to pick out the colours.

I do not recommend that you use all the colours that are in the logo here already. When you pick your own colour combination, it makes your logo unique to you and your brand. If you choose to use the colours that are already in the logo here, it is just as easy for someone else to view the logo and choose to use those colours, in which case their logo would be identical to yours other than the difference in text.

What if I don’t know the HEX codes for my colours?

If you have an image with the colours that you would like to use in it, you can visit this site, upload your picture, and then you can get the codes of the colours you want to use.

What if I don’t know what colours I want?

When you fill out your design preferences form (after your purchase) you will be asked to choose your colours. You can enter the HEX codes of your own colour scheme, or select from a list of premade colour schemes that I have created to help you.

Why do I have to choose my colours?

The unique thing about my shop is that you select your own colours. If I preset the colours for you, then everyone who purchased the same logo would have the same colours as well. When you select your colours it means that your logo is unique to your brand.

Can I purchase a logo on its own?

Yes, if you do not want a full branding kit then you can purchase a logo on its own. You will still be asked to enter your colours and text, and your logo will be customized based on those. You will then receive 1 colour png file, 1 black png file, 1 white png file, and 1 colour jpg file.

How do I purchase a full branding kit?

To purchase a full branding kit you need to select the ‘full branding kit’ option in the dropdown on the logo page of your choice.

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