Weekend Reading Corner

Weekend Reading Corner 1

Weekend Reading Corner 1

1. How to Make the 2016 Instagram Algorithm Changes Work for Your Business by Caitlin Bacher. This is a great read that came out at the perfect time to help everyone who is FREAKING OUT about this new Instagram algorithm change.

2. How to Give Your Business The Ultimate Spring Cleaning by Alexandra of Heart Love Always. This is a great post on how you need to reevaluate your business every so often and look at what’s working (and what’s not) and clean house.

3. 8 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself for Blogging Success by Allyssa Barnes. I loved this post because it’s a great reminder to take stock of why you blog and remember what your true goals are – because we all know it’s easy to get lost in the blogging world and forget why you’re really there.

4. What Instagram’s New Algorithm Feed Means For You from the Latergramme blog. This is another blog about the Instagram algorithm changes, and has a few more technological specifics about the changes.

5. SEO Basics: 7 Steps to Optimize Images on Your Website by Danielle Zeigler. I’m always looking for ways to improve my SEO and I loved this post on how to optimize images. It’s great to be reminded that even the little things count – and she also has a full series on SEO if you want to know more.

6. A Visual Survey of NYC Coffee Cups on Gear Patrol. This is just a fun little look at all the different coffee cup designs around New York City. I love design – and especially something as simple as coffee cups. It’s also fun to see how the prices vary from place to place. What’s your favourite?

7. 10 Commandments of Business Card Design by Marshall Taylor on Creative Market. This is a great post on what you need to remember when you’re designing your business cards – and EVERYONE needs a great business card.

8. Pin Down Your Ideal Audience on Pinterest by Bloguettes. I love this little reminder of how to capture and captivate your ideal Pinterest audience – it’s such a powerful platform and can bring you a tonne of traffic and business if you use it right.

9. The Difference Between Hand Lettering, Calligraphy and Typography (+ Why It Truly Matters) by Letter Lane Design Studio. I’ve fallen in love with calligraphy and hand lettering lately and this post on the differences between them is super interesting. Perfect reading for a Sunday morning in bed!

10. Why I don’t believe in work + life balance as an entrepreneur by Jess Creatives. I love this post because it’s a great reminder that it’s okay to be an entrepreneur and have a life. A perfect balance might not be attainable, and that’s okay. This post made me feel a lot better about actually taking the holiday off this weekend!

11. Six Ways to Brainstorm Post Ideas Right Now by The White Corner Creative. My throwback link this weekend is my first post ever, which I wrote on quick ways to brainstorm post ideas when you’re struggling to come up with blog content.

What are you reading this weekend?

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