The White Corner Creative is now Melissa Carter Design – Why I Decided to Rebrand

The White Corner Creative is now Melissa Carter Design - Why I Decided to Rebrand

The White Corner Creative is now Melissa Carter Design - Why I Decided to RebrandThe White Corner Creative is officially in the past. Today I am relaunching my business under my own name – Melissa Carter Design.

This was a tough choice, and one that I put a lot of thought into before making. To be honest, it wasn’t a long period of thought, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lot. One night I slept only a couple of hours while rolling around in bed wondering whether this was the right move. Ultimately, after asking friends, family, awesome biz ladies I trust, my community and readers, and spending some time looking inwards, I decided it was something I had to do.

The thought first came to mind two years ago when I launched The White Corner Creative in the first place. But back then a lot was different. I had different goals, different visions for the business, and different confidence in what kind of entrepreneur I was. The thought of using my own name crossed my mind, but back then I thought that you had to have a business name to be a real business. Melissa Carter was no one – while The White Corner Creative could be a business with a hundred employees and millions of dollars in income and on one would know the difference. I thought that a name was professional – so I gave myself one. I began the business in the corner of my parents white, panelled basement so I named the business after it. It all sailed forward from there, and two years later, The White Corner Creative was still growing strong.

But, in the back of my mind I’ve known for a while that The White Corner Creative name wouldn’t last me forever. It was only a short while after I initially chose it that I started falling out of love with the name. When I’d mention it in person, more often than not the response was, ‘what?’ and I’d have to repeat the name so that people could make note of it. It was long and wordy and a little confusing, and even my own parents had trouble remembering whether it was The White Creative Corner at first. My love for the name slowly dwindled, and though I still have a lot of love for it today because of where it has gotten me and all the progress we’ve made together, I’m excited to be leaving it behind.

Melissa Carter

In the past few months I’ve been working with a colleague on the messaging and marketing strategy of my website to make it crystal clear what I do and how I can help people. I’ve returned to my passion of custom design, am in the process of developing branding and WordPress courses for beginners, will be teaching in person WordPress workshops, and am finally narrowing in on what it is I should truly be doing with my life. And ultimately that comes down to helping people. I want to help people design the brand of their dreams. And when people are on a budget, teaching them how to DIY their design is the best option.

While all these thoughts and changes were swirling in my head, I also happened to stumble upon an energy exchange that got me professional photos taken of myself for the very first time by Amy Eaton Photography. They turned out so amazingly that I knew they had to become a center piece of my website.

I was excited to start reworking my content and site around the new messaging and images, but as DIY and helping and direct contact with entrepreneurs became more prominent in my business, it started to feel a little icky and inauthentic to be doing so under an ‘agency’ name, when it was really just me here, wanting to help. As I worked, it also became a little uninspiring to be using the same old fonts and a logo that I no longer loved. The triangle logo is something that has become a strong symbol of my brand, but I didn’t have the skills I have now when I first developed it, and I’ve wished for a while (without admitting it to anyone) that I could redo it.

Melissa Carter

And suddenly all my hesitations about the name and logo and the brand all mixed together with the perfect timing of my new images and services and messaging, and I knew – it was time for a big change. I realized that it was now or never, and decided to continue on under my own name – as Melissa Carter Design.

The one thing that I did still love about The White Corner Creative brand was the colours (as they happen to be many of my personal favourite colours) so I knew I had to carry those over into the new brand. They would provide just enough of a crossover to keep my readers familiar with my content, while still keeping things interesting. I started working on the branding of Melissa Carter Design, and to put it simply, the inspiration flowed wildly. Within a few days I had the full brand, copy, web design, and new site developed, and I was eager to make the changes live immediately.

And now I’m launching Melissa Carter Design. I kept the same colours and used triangles as a subtle part of my branding as a nod back to my roots, but ultimately, I’m starting fresh. I feel just as excited as I did two years ago when I launched The White Corner Creative, but I have much more experience and knowledge now that I know I can harness to make this new brand better than ever.

So, what can you expect from Melissa Carter Design? More of the great content you love, more of the helpful resources you need, and less of the fluff separating me from you. I’m putting myself at the forefront of my business, because in the end my expertise is all I have to offer. I’m no longer weary in saying this – I know my shit! And I’m deeply passionate about sharing it with you and helpful you get from where you are, to where you want to be.
Melissa Carter Design

6 thoughts on “The White Corner Creative is now Melissa Carter Design – Why I Decided to Rebrand”

    1. You’re welcome Henny! I hope this makes your decision process a little easier! Good luck and thanks for reading!

  1. I was doing a search for blog branding ideas and came across your work – I’m so glad I did! Not only is your work great but I enjoy your writing and hearing your inspirational story. Congrats to you and thanks for the inspiration! (Also looking forward to those DIY courses! ;))

    1. Thanks Olivia, that means a lot! So glad you’ve found my blog helpful and I hope you’ll continue to visit. My courses are coming along, slowly but surely. They should be launching in late October! Thanks for reading! :)

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