Why I Recommend Dreamhost to All My Clients

Why I Recommend Dreamhost to All My Clients

When it comes to websites, the hosting battle is a never-ending one. Every person you meet either LOVES their host and will fight for them, or they hate their host and are looking to switch. There are some really great web hosting companies out there, but there are also some really bad ones. Ultimately, you have to find one that works for you, and then stick with it. I’ve been using Dreamhost for my entire web lifetime, and have always been content with it, so it’s the only one I ever use or recommend for my clients.

Why I Recommend Dreamhost to All My Clients

I’ve been using Dreamhost for years and I have NEVER had a problem with their service. Most of the time never is an exaggeration, but I truly do mean never. I use it for my own websites, and I also share a hosting plan with my Dad’s business websites. So what do I love about Dreamhost? Well let me tell you.



The Dreamhost chat is one of my very favourite parts of their service. I’ve used Dreamhost from the very beginning, when I wasn’t as tech-savvy as I am right now, and I’ve had a lot of stuff I’ve needed help with over time. Dreamhost chat is always there for me. Literally always – their chat is 24/7 and the wait times are almost never more than a few minutes.

Not only are they there to help you with your Dreamhost support needs, but you can ask them about pretty much anything and they will try to help. I’ve asked them about WordPress stuff, Pancake App set up help, and a long list of other things, and they always have the answer. I feel so good paying into them and knowing that I always have that support to fall back on.

Affiliate System

Let me start off by saying that I used and recommended Dreamhost long before I knew they had an affiliate system, but when I found out it just turned out to be another perk. I signup for an affiliate link, then share that link to my clients and readers, and whenever someone buys a package or domain through Dreamhost, I get a little cut. Right now affiliate links are really the only passive income I have going for me, and it’s really nice to have that extra little bit of income coming in. Especially when it’s a service I can really stand behind. I don’t use very many affiliate links because I do not want to support a product or service that I don’t believe in, and Dreamhost is definitely the best one I have.

Free Domain

Okay so a lot of hosting companies offer this incentive, but it’s just another bonus in my eyes! When you purchase a Dreamhost hosting package you automatically get one free domain. Normally domains are about $12, so the savings isn’t huge, but it helps in the long run!

Unlimited Hosting

I also love the fact that you can host as many domains as you want under one plan. As I said, I’ve only ever used Dreamhost so I can’t speak to what it’s like with other companies, but I have about 8 domains hosted on WordPress right now, and they’re all under my one plan and one payment. Of course, if one of my websites suddenly saw a huge surge in traffic or bandwidth I’d probably have to get a second plan or pay some more, but right now it works wonderfully.


Another great thing about my clients using Dreamhost is that it’s familiar to me. Of course, a lot of hosting back ends are similar and I can figure them out eventually, but I just feel so much more at ease when my clients choose Dreamhost and I know my way around the back end. This reason is a little selfish, but it does make my life a lot easier, and it also means I know they are going to have a stable platform to host their website!


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