Why You Need to Have Office Hours & Stick to Them

Why You Need to Have Office Hours

Whether blogging is just a hobby for you or part of your business, it can take a lot of your time if you let it. If you find yourself feeling bogged down and tired and always struggling to get posts done, it’s probably because you end up doing things whenever you can find the time and always struggling to find that time.

When I first started blogging I never planned anything, and just wrote posts and took pictures whenever I could. That usually ended up being late at night when I was tired and struggling to get them done on time. If I let it, blogging would take all of my time. Now that I am focusing on freelance and using blogging to enhance my business, I’ve tried to set more of a schedule over the past few months so that I can better manage my time and get more accomplished.

Every Sunday I sit down, write my posts for the week, and schedule them to be published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. I also try to schedule tweets about those posts for the next few weeks. Then, during the week I answer comments, comment on other blogs, and share content on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I’m still working on perfecting a schedule for during the week, so that I have a set time to do these things rather than just whenever they come up. Though this schedule doesn’t always work out (things just come up sometimes) it’s good to have a schedule that you stick to. Even if you’re not running a business, you can still deem these as your office hours. Set up a desk, a workspace, and a schedule, and stick to them.

Why You Need to Have Office Hours

Why Do I need Office Hours?

Productivity Setting office hours will make you more productive – you will get all your work done when you need to get it done by, and you won’t be scrambling at the last minute.

Priority It will give you more time to do other things. Setting office hours means you’re also setting non-office hours. This is time to spend with family, do other work, or just relax.

Quality Setting office hours will make your content better. Setting time aside to do your blog posts means you can also set time aside to edit them a second time. While you might be used to just writing your post and clicking publish, if you schedule your time you can also schedule time to proofread and edit. This will improve your content a lot, without taking any more time because you have scheduled it into your workflow.

Reality Actually writing out what you need to accomplish so that you can schedule your hours means that you are getting a real sense of all the work you are doing. Write down everything you need to get done – you might realize that it’s a lot, or maybe that it’s not as much as you thought.

A Few Things to Remember

Be realistic. It’s better to surpass your goals than not to meet them. Make a list of all the things you need to accomplish and a rough estimate of how long they will take you. Be honest about how long everything takes, and set your hours accordingly. If you were a little off, adjust as you go. But do not set unrealistic hours. You won’t get your work done and will be left feeling unhappy with your productivity.

Be flexible. You don’t want to have to turn down activities or events because they interfere with your office hours. Blogging is important, but so is life. Schedule your hours for a certain day, but also keep a secondary day in mind that you can do your work if need be. This can be after your scheduled office hours, or maybe even the day before. When you know you’re going to miss your hours you can schedule ahead of time to make up for them.

Be honest. You might think that things are working as they are – you usually get your content out on time, right? But be honest with yourself. Do you really ever stop thinking about blogging or working on it? Probably not. And this is dangerous to the rest of your life, and even to your blog. Think about how nice it would be to finish all your blogging to dos in one day every week, and have the rest of your time for other things. Try it out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Why You Need to Have Office Hours & Stick to Them”

  1. This is something I need to work on. I work randomly throughout the day whether it’s first thing in the morning or at midnight. I wish I could stick to a better schedule because I feel like I’d be more productive. I’ll have to keep these tips in mind!

    – Lauren Schroer // http://www.laurenschroer.com

    1. I’m working on this right now too Lauren. I seem to just do things whenever the time comes up. I always have my computer on my lap. So I’m working on getting more organized and productive so sometimes I can actually sit and do nothing.

  2. Definitely, definitely need to do this myself! It seems like I’m constantly multitasking throughout the week… and I probably could get a lot more done if I just buckle down and pay attention to what I’m doing. I also need to be realistic about how long it takes me to do things. I probably shouldn’t call them To Do lists because what I think I can accomplish in a day is a little too fantastical. :)

    1. I still need to work on this myself as well. I have my Sunday schedule but i have to stop working on things at other times as well, it’s definitely tough!

      My to do lists always seem to be a little too ambitious as well. Maybe, to set things out more realistically, make a daily to do list of all the things that need to get done today, and then a weekly list for things that need to get done this week. So that you have a list of necessary daily items, and then you can move on to your weekly list if you finish your daily tasks ahead of time. But, if you don’t get to your weekly list it’s okay, because you still completed your daily tasks! This still means writing everything down – but in a way that makes it a little less upsetting when you don’t get to everything.

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