Why You Shouldn’t Click Publish Now – Why Scheduling Posts is Important

Why You Shouldn't Click Publish Now - Why Scheduling Posts is Important

Why You Shouldn't Click Publish Now - Why Scheduling Posts is ImportantAll bloggers have done it one time or another. It’s the end of the day and you realize today’s post isn’t up yet. So you scramble to throw together a low quality rambling post with no real value and toss in a couple stock images just so you can hit publish by midnight. Rushing is never a good feeling, but there is a simple way to stay ahead of the clock, and never have to publish a quick post again.

The simple answer is to start scheduling posts. Rather than hitting publish and letting your post go up whenever you finish writing it – think ahead, and schedule it for later on. That could be a later time today, or even a later date if you’re really ahead of the game. I try to write each week’s blog post the weekend before, so by Sunday night I have Wednesday’s post scheduled and ready to go. While I used to write three posts a week, I now write only one (and sometimes not even that) because I’ve decided that quality is much more important than quantity. So when Wednesday morning rolls around, my blog post is automatically published before I’ve even gotten out of bed. There are a tonne of benefits to scheduling your posts ahead of time so you shouldn’t need much convincing, but these are some of my favourites.

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Less Stress

Of course – the number one reason to schedule your posts ahead of time is to avoid the stress of having to post at the last minute. Rushing a post late at night when you’re uninspired is never fun – and will lead to you publishing a post that’s not as good as it could be. Establishing a workflow and scheduling your posts ahead of time means you never have to stress about getting things done. It also means you never have to put blogging before other important things in your life. If an event or last minute plan comes up, you can do it without having to worry about the blog post you were supposed to write and publish before tomorrow.

Better Posts

Writing quality posts is a vital part of finding success as a blogger, and an important reason to schedule your posts ahead of time. Rushing your posts will always make them worse, having more time is never a bad thing. Even if you publish one post a day, try to write tomorrow’s post today and schedule each one, so that you always have the post done ahead of time. This way you have the time to think about and research your topic and get all the info you need to write a great post. This also leaves you a window of time to go back and review and edit your post before it actually gets published. Having the extra time to read your post back and make changes before you publish it is much better than seeing errors after your post is live.

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Optimal Timeframe

Scheduling your posts ahead of time also means that you can choose when to publish them. When I first started blogging I used to publish my posts as soon as I finished writing them – this was usually 10 or 11 at night. I was trying to stick to a strict schedule of one post per day, but it meant always writing my posts in a rush and trying to squeeze them in before midnight. After researching a bit more about when is the best time to publish, I decided to push my posts and I started publishing posts the next morning. This meant that more people were seeing and interacting with my posts immediately, without any extra promotion or sharing.

This push was what made me realize that writing and publishing immediately at the last minute was hurting my passion for blogging and the quality of my posts. So, I decided to schedule posts ahead of time. I went from one post a day, to three posts a week, to one post a week when I find inspiration. This means that I’m never scrambling at the last minute to push out a post. Instead, I take the time to write quality posts and schedule them to go live at the optimal time.

Promo Schedule

Writing a post at the last minute usually means you just post it and run, but when you write a post ahead, you have the time to think about how you are going to promote it. Whether you are going to share it on social media, send it to your newsletter, create promo graphics, host a webinar to add to it, create a content upgrade for readers to download, or all of the above, having extra time means you can think it through and do what’s best. I can guarantee you that there are very few big time bloggers who just think up a good blog post idea on the whim and then post it immediately. Instead, most of them think far ahead and schedule their posts.

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Challenge yourself! If you’re a blogger and you’ve never tried scheduling your posts, then try it now. Start small. Write tomorrow’s post today. Then write the next day’s post tomorrow. For a week or two try planning ahead and scheduling your posts. Never hit publish now. Soon you’ll be a few posts ahead, and then you just have to fall back into your normal workflow, except you’ll always be writing posts to add to the queue, and you’ll NEVER have to write a last minute post again. I’m 100% sure you’ll see an improvement in your post quality, your stress level, your engagement, and your passion for blogging. You won’t regret it, and once you start scheduling posts you’ll never go back.

How to schedule a post on WordPress

If you use WordPress and want to start scheduling your posts, the process is really simple. Just write your posts as you usually do, BUT instead of hitting Publish when you’re done, look a few lines up to where it says Publish Immediately. Click the small Edit button next to this and select the date and time you want to publish your post and click ok. Now the Publish button will change to a Schedule button and you just click it and you’re done! The first time you use this feature just check your blog at the time you scheduled your post to double check that it’s working.

Do you schedule posts ahead of time, or are you still struggling to push out content at the last minute?

This post was originally publishing on April 5, 2015 and has been updated to better serve you!

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  1. I ALWAYS write my posts ahead of time! It makes life so much easier… However, even when you save the post for a later date you do still have to hit “publish”

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