Moodboard – Winter Wonders

Winter Moodboard

Fall might be my favourite season, but Christmas is my favourite holiday. When you get into December there’s just something in the air that’s a little different. People are happier, snow starts falling, it gets more acceptable to lie in bed all day and watch movies. Love Actually becomes relevant again, though it’s still one of my favourite movies. Turtlenecks become okay to wear out of the house. All of my favourite things! Images of snow and animals and lights and cozy settings and hot drinks always make me even more excited for the holiday season, and now that December is here we can finally start counting down the days until Christmas!

Winter Moodboard

Christmas Tree Car / Hot Cocoa / Snowy Fox / Reindeer / Shoes by the Fireplace / Snowy Field / Cozy Sweater / Christmas Branches

What’s your favourite part about winter?

Disclaimer: These images are beautiful aren’t they? But they are not my own. I have borrowed them from blogs and websites that inspire me, with the intention of building community through the sharing and linking of quality content. If you see your image here and would like it removed, simply contact me here.

2 thoughts on “Moodboard – Winter Wonders”

  1. Doesn’t this look so cozy? It’s finally “cold” in Palm Springs, but still green and tan :) My favorite part about winter is the weather. It’s the perfect time for afternoon walks and hiking in the desert.

    1. Thanks Emily! I love the Winter weather too, though here in Toronto that means parkas and five layered pairs of socks. Sounds like an ideal scenario there in Palm Springs!

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