How to Remember Everything You’ve Accomplished

How to Remember Everything You've Accomplished

Business is tough, and being an entrepreneur is really hard. Long hours and lots of tough tasks that you aren’t really specialized to tackle make running your own business a really difficult career. It’s easy to feel like you aren’t really doing the best you could, or that no matter what you try, nothing works out your way. And consequently, it’s easy to feel discouraged and disappointed and like nothing you’ve accomplished is substantial.

How to Remember Everything You've Accomplished

But, recently I was reading a post by Rosella La Fevre about being a badass business owner, and I was inspired. She reminds her readers that they are awesome, and to remember that! I encourage you to do the same, and no matter what hard task or trial your going through, always remember all the things you’ve accomplished. Make a list and look to it every time you’re feeling discouraged about your biz, to remind yourself that you’ve done great things and you deserve to feel proud! Your list can be concrete actions, abstract things, or both – anything that you are really proud to have accomplished.

Here’s my list of things that I am really proud of.

1. Bought myself a big screen that I absolutely love working on – it makes designing so much easier and enjoyable.
2. Built a workspace that I love and am so inspired to wake up and work every morning.
3. Went from charging $800 per branding and web package to $2400 (and growing!).
4. Bought myself a watch that I had been eyeing for a long time as a reward for landing a big project.
5. Stopped trying to look for the cheapest option for everything, and realized that investing in myself and my business is worth it!
6. Invested in a project management software that has really perfected my workflow (I LOVE Pancake App – here’s a review).
7. Moved out on my own and am 100% financially independent.
8. Proved to myself that working freelance full time is sustainable and a long term career possibility.
9. Designed a brand and website that I am proud to promote and share.
10. Built a portfolio of projects that I truly love and am proud to showcase – and my portfolio is constantly growing.
11. Became part of a small design agency that I love doing work for.
12. Volunteered at an amazing design festival in Toronto.
13. Started working to design the branding for Dominate the Digital – a upcoming conference for female entrepreneurs in the GTA.
14. Developed a daily workflow that is not only productive but makes me happy.
15. Grew my blog readership to the largest it has ever been – and it’s always growing.
16. Designed a planner that I LOVE using and am in the process of setting up an online store for.
17. Started answering and posting consistently in Facebook groups to build my connections.
18. Set boundaries for my hourly and weekly work so that I am never working under tight deadlines or after hours.
19. Started putting my foot down with clients who were asking for too much or taking advantage.
20. Built connections with clients and agencies that keep business coming in on a consistent basis.

What are you proud of?!

2 thoughts on “How to Remember Everything You’ve Accomplished”

  1. That is a great list, Melissa! I bet it feels good seeing it all written out like this. It’s so important to take a step back every once in a while and take stock of the things we already have accomplished instead of always focusing on the things we haven’t accomplished yet :)

    1. Thanks Wendy! It does feel really good to look at it all together like this! Definitely important to step back and be proud of what you’ve done every now and then :)

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