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About Melissa Carter Design

About Melissa Carter

About Melissa Carter Design I’m Melissa Carter, a content creator based in Toronto. I currently work full-time as a Content Marketing Manager at Juno College. I spend my days designing marketing materials, writing blog posts, managing our website, and much more. Before starting at Juno (formerly HackerYou) in January 2018, I worked as a freelance branding and web designer. In my free time I love practicing yoga, eating chicken fingers, and binge watching entire Netflix series so quickly it seems like I must have time travelled.

This blog is populated with hundreds of posts that I wrote while freelancing, to help my clients and readers DIY their own WordPress websites. Since leaving my freelance career behind and working full time, I’ve been less than active on the blog, simply because I love what I do at Juno so much that I haven’t found the time. However, I do hope to be picking up writing again soon, and providing some more content to help readers like you. To see what I’ve been up to lately, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Now that I am no longer freelancing, I don’t take on many design projects on the side. But, if you’re interested in working together or have an inquiry, please feel free to reach out and let me know what you have in mind!