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About Melissa Carter DesignWelcome to Melissa Carter Design! I’m Melissa, and I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs on a budget DIY their design. I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada!) and serve clients and readers all around the world. I love yoga, teal (duh), and chicken fingers, and have developed an expertise for working and simultaneously binge watching my way through any series.

My journey as an entrepreneur started when I was working part time at a grocery store, hating my daily routine, and blogging as a hobby. For years I wrote about saving money and DIY crafting, but as I went through school studying communications and I found a new love of design, it became harder to focus on those old interests. Eventually I knew I wanted to combine my experience as a blogger with my new found passions, so I started to write posts about design and blogging itself.

Eventually those passions over took my old ones, and in April of 2015 I left crafting and frugal-ing behind, and launched a new blog focused on design and blogging. I also started working as a freelance designer in my spare time, and developed a love of building custom designs for my clients. A few months later when I was spending all my time at work dreaming about getting home and designing something, I decided to go full time with my freelance work, and gave myself one year to try and find success as an entrepreneur.

Now here I am over two years later, still freelancing and absolutely loving what I do. My blog contains over 200 resources, the shop contains over 50 premade branding kits, my DIY Designers community is flourishing, and I am in the process of developing a series of courses dedicated to helping entrepreneurs DIY their branding and WordPress websites. And, of course, my love of creating custom brands and websites for entrepreneurs has continued to grow. I go to bed at night dreaming of the exciting tasks that lay ahead, and I wake up every morning excited to sit down at my desk. My true purpose comes down to using design to help entrepreneurs find the kind of freedom, passion, and success that I have found.

When I launched my blog and business in April of 2015 I did so under the name of The White Corner Creative. Though the name has served me well, in July 2017 I decided that it no longer represented who I was and the direction I wanted to move in as a business and as an entrepreneur. I decided to start doing work under my own name, and built a new brand (with some elements of the old one), developed a new more user friendly website, and created a new series of options for helping my readers and clients DIY their design. To read more about why I chose to rebrand you can read my post Why I Decided to Rebrand.